Houthi Terror Prevails in The Red Sea 

Houthis have unleashed wave after wave of missiles and drones in the commercial vessels sailing through the Red sea . Their first attack was launched on November 19, 2023 and the terror continues as the militant group launched their latest drone attack on British navy ship HMS Diamond.

Houthis have launched hundreds of attack and hijacking attempts against dozens of merchant ships caught sailing through the Red sea . The militant group claims that it is a protest against Israel’s military operation in the Gaza strip. The group targets the vessels that have any link to Israel or its allies.

The Houthis backed by Islamic Republic of Iran have grown from a militant group into a heavily decorated military force . The rebel group currently controls the Northwestern territory of Yemen including most of Yemen’s coastline along the Red sea which gives them direct access to hijacking ships and launching missiles and drones into one of the world’s most critical trading routes . 

The Red Sea is the primary passageway between Asia and Europe that is bounded by two narrow straits by either side . The strait of Bal-El-Mandeb and Suez canal. It is the shortest possible geographic route for merchant ships to take travelling between Asia and Europe .The Houthis have disrupted the international trade in the Red sea. A number of shipping firms have rerouted their ships around  the southern tip of Africa, which has resulted in longer delivery times and an additional 3,000–3,500 nautical miles (6,000 km) on their itinerary. 

As the conflict broke out in Gaza, Houthis have pledged their full support to the Palestinian people and continue to launch back to back unprecedented attacks on commercial vessels linked to Israel . In response, US and British planes, ships and submarines have carried out more than a dozen air strikes against the Houthi forces. The USA and the UK have imposed sanctions on Houthi leaders as the group vowed to keep attacking Israel-backed commercial vessels until they stopped delivering aid to Palestinians in Gaza. But these attacks and initiative have not seemed to deter the Houthis .

Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree, in a televised statement said, ‘Houthi forces will continue to attack ships in the Red Sea until Israel’s “aggression” against Palestinians in Gaza stops.’

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Author: Miftahul Zannat

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