May 24, 2024
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

In the basic order of nature, there is either a Solar Eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse. However, this solar eclipse or lunar eclipse still creates a mystery among people. There are various sayings about this adoption in different countries.

The Greeks believed that a solar eclipse was a foreshadowing of God’s wrath and impending death and destruction.

The Chinese believed that a solar eclipse was caused by a celestial dragon devouring the sun. According to Vietnamese people, a solar eclipse is caused by a giant frog swallowing the sun. The Inca civilization believed that lunar eclipses were caused by a leopard devouring the moon. When the attack on the moon is over, he will come down to earth and attack the people.

So they used to point their spears at the moon and try to frighten this imaginary leopard. They would even hit the dogs nearby, so that the leopard would get scared and run away from the dogs and not attack the world anymore.

What is actually a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse? According to scientists, when the Moon comes between the orbits of the Earth and the Sun, it is called a solar eclipse. And when the earth, sun and moon come in between its orbits, it is called lunar eclipse.

But there is a scientific explanation for this, the sunlight reaches the earth’s atmosphere and spreads, that light loses all other colors on the way back to the earth, and the red color reaches our eyes, because the wavelength of light of this color is longer. And because of this, the moon looks very ‘bloody’, so it is called ‘Blood Moon’.

There are many myths about lunar eclipse. Although some of them have scientific truth, most of them are popular as superstitions. Let’s know the popular stories about lunar eclipse.

Food should not be eaten during Lunar Eclipse

Elders say that no food of any kind can be taken during the fasting period. If you eat food or drink water during this time, the body becomes worse. There is a possibility of getting serious diseases. A type of radiation is believed to occur during an eclipse.

Which interacts with the foodstuff and makes the food poisonous. But scientists say there is no time to receive any such radiation that can poison food. Because of which the idea of ​​not taking food is wrong. However, during a solar eclipse, the sun’s rays are blocked from reaching the earth’s surface. Due to which the temperature drops a lot. As a result, toxic bacteria can invade the food. So at that time food should be stored well.

If the restrictions are not observed during intake, the baby’s lips are cut

As is customary in India, pregnant women should not use any metal objects during the ritual. If used, the baby in the womb of the woman will be cut off. But in Mexico, the opposite is the case. Pregnant women have to hold a metal object near their stomach or wear red underwear while taking it. If not, the baby’s lips will be cut.

Meanwhile, no scientific explanation is available for these statements. In fact, babies can be born with cleft lip due to genetic, environmental or drug reactions. It has nothing to do with acceptance.

If the child does not sleep upright, it is deformed

It is believed that if the pregnant mother lies on her back during delivery, the child will be deformed. It has no basis in reality. Besides, if a pregnant mother lies in one position for a long time, there is a possibility of suffering. Therefore, a pregnant woman can move or lie down in the same way during pregnancy.

After taking a bath, the evil energy should be removed

Many believe that eclipses are caused by evil forces. So after taking a bath, the evil energy should be removed. But acceptance is a natural thing. There is no difference between auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. So the idea of ​​taking a bath to remove evil energy is a superstition.

Please share your ideas with us regarding Lunar Eclipse and the various superstitions that are associated with them.

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