May 24, 2024
Home Office

Home Office

Working from the home office is a good choice because commuting is so 2015

Home office comes with the lucrative idea of working in the comfort zone of your home, in your comfort clothes while avoiding traffic jams and unwanted conversations in the elevator,.
Is it astounding right? But it also comes with its pros and cons too.
In today’s competitive and fast-paced era, working from home attracts more people.

Why home office and why not co-working space

While working in a co-working space, maybe you get benefits like social interaction and facilities like pools, a cafeteria, gym but did you ponder upon the fact that how much time you spend commuting? You can’t have full control of your work environment. It is even costly.

Whereas, the home office offers you relatively better perks and benefits. You can meet emergencies within your work hours, there is no one to hover on you while you work and then you have flexible work hours. You can explore more options like working on freelance gigs or starting an online business.

Home office may have drawbacks but we are stocked with hacks!

An organized work space may not be a dream come true

At the end of a day’s work, you may find yourself in a room full of clutter that you may have to organize with a tired body and mind.

Hack# Keep your space organized like a pro but functional and simple. An organized space will help you think clearly.

The tempting call of distractions

At home, you will have several distractions snatching your focus from every side. The allure of a cozy nap and the untimely snacks. You may end up washing dishes or doing the vacuum while leaving the pending work. Meeting deadlines while avoiding distractions may be very challenging.

Hack# Pomodoro technique can be helpful in this case. You can work for an hour and then take a short break. After 4 cycles you can take a long break.

Loneliness can be overwhelming

You may crave conversions, networking benefits and coffee breaks with colleagues. Loneliness may take over your mental health.

Hack# Virtual conversations and neighborhood chats may calm your loneliness and be a good substitute for office space networking.

Your work and home life may blend

You may lose track of work and work longer hours with low productivity and then eventually have a crash down, as there is no difference in office and home space.

Hack# Set clear boundaries between work and home life. Set up a separate office space in your home. Set clear working hours. Refrain from doing side hustles within work hours.

The temptation of multitasking

Juggling between tasks and trying to do several things at a time may reduce overall efficiency and productivity. 

Hack# Focus on one thing at a time. Divide your task into blocks according to priorities and finish it one by one.

Technology may be a hindrance

You may get stuck in technological issues. Problems in the network, uploading may be slow, etc.

Hack# Back yourself up with a tech troubleshooting kit including emergency calls for tech support, power bank, and backup internet connection.

So now can we think about setting up a home office and start working from home!

Keep in mind these few tips while setting up a home office

Firstly the location has to be chosen wisely. The location must align with your interests so that it increases your productivity and comfort. The background has to be clutter-free and organized
to receive online calls.

Then, make sure all the pieces of equipment are well set up. All the basic equipment like a printer, computer, and virtual office phone must be there.
Include an ergonomic chair, the right desk and also have good lighting.

The Final Decision

Any decision must be backed by thorough self-evaluation. You have to dig deeper into your abilities, needs, wants, strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances. After doing a good self-research, and visualizing the pros and cons, you may decide which facility suits you the most.

In my opinion, a home office may give you more space to deal with other aspects of life well and maintain a good balance in life.
But at the end of the day, the choice is always yours!
Never let others decide for you.

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