May 23, 2024


WWE superstar ‘The Ring General’, also known as GUNTHER is making everyone awestruck with his talent and attitude, fans are all in for the wrestler, as he crowns himself as the legendary wrestling figure, who created history in WWE after 35 years.

Walter Hahn, also known as GUNTHER, first appearance made fans speculate that he, as a foreign heavyweight would sooner or later be leading an anti-American persona, who wants to represent his country and show the people who’s the boss.

Almost every foreign wrestler ultimately led to this story setting, but GUNTHER proved everyone wrong. He emerged as the record-breaking title holder with his reign as Intercontinental Champion. The Austrian star broke the record that stood for 35 years, officially surpassing Honky Tonk Man, as the Greatest longest reigning Intercontinental Champion.

GUNTHER recently made an appearance on “The Masked Man Show,” where the superstar talked about his character persona in wrestling, and how it’s really not that different from the real him. He further continued by saying that his role as ‘The Ring General’ has helped his success in WWE.

“I think what I do on camera is not as different from who I really am. I think, in real life, a lot of my decisions are based just on logic. I don’t really try to make decisions on emotions. I try to judge situations objectively and not from a side already, if that makes sense. And I think that converts over to what I do in the ring,” added GUNTHER.

“In general, everybody that has been successful in this business, I think most of them found something in their own personality that they could just take and make it work in the ring. Because if you’re not acting something and it’s just you, nobody will ever beat the authenticity that comes with it. That’s just nothing you can copy.”


GUNTHER, also known as Walter Hahn, is an Austrian professional wrestler, born 20 August 1987. His devastating knife-edge chops, which cause opponents’ chests to sag and turn discolored, have made him feared worldwide.

Gunther weighs about 300 pounds and is 6 feet 4 inches tall, a wrestler who inspires fear in opponents who dare face him in the ring. He is the leader of the Imperium stable, with members like Ludwig Kaiser of Germany, and Giovanni Vinci of Italy. Gunther has defended his championship 15 times, which is no surprise as the superstar will down any of his opponents with his finisher ‘The Last Symphony’.

No one is quite sure when Gunther will give up the title or who will defeat him because his reign is still as strong as it has always been and his matches seem to get better every time. In addition, it has been revealed that Gunther will defend his title against The Miz at Survivor Series this year. This will be Gunther’s first PLE match since he defeated Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam.

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