May 23, 2024
Gigi Hadid

Famous model Gigi Hadid, after her breakup with ex-One Direction singer Zayn Malik, recently caught with Marijuana. Gigi Hadid is very famous for her modeling career. Her hair-flicking style on the ramp show captured the hearts of millions of fans.

She was caught in the Cayman Islands. Last week, border control in the Cayman Islands ensured the matter, and that reached the media a lot. She and her friend took Marijuana with them with the intention of absorbing it. This time, their criminal fate didn’t actually support them, and eventually they were fined about $1000.

Famous Model Gigi Hadid, who possessed marijuana, got caught eventually

Gigi and her friend had a plan to enjoy their time in the Cayman Islands by getting high on marijuana. The plan didn’t work. They took a private aircraft to travel to the Islands. Her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy also got arrested with her. As a model and a known face, Gigi’s summons in court was embarrassing.

Marijuana was not the illegal thing they were possessing. They brought paraphernalia with them too. Fans of Gigi always get curious when she comes into the limelight with some buzz. Her breakup news with singer Zayn Malik also had a similar impact.

Border security in the Cayman Islands confirms Gigi’s illegal acts

The people who carry the drugs and other synthetic substances normally try to hide themselves in a way that airport security can’t find them. Gigi and her friend might have acted in such a way that they didn’t have anything illegal with them.

Cayman Islands Customs and Border Security stated that,”who arrived on a private aircraft to the Cayman Islands from the United States were arrested following a search of their luggage, and a small amount of marijuana was recovered.”

The security team thoroughly checked their luggage and found Marijuana. The authority then did their regular activities, and they took the model and her friend to court for further proceedings, and they were fined at the end.

Where did Model Gigi Hadid buy the Marijuana from?

The model’s criminal mind helped her buy marijuana in New York. She faced no problem buying the stuff. Her medical license literally helped her get the things. Her friend also helped her make their plan successful.

Social media fans grew up curious about the matter in detail. Some are thinking she is not having a good time after her breakup with her ex-husband Zayn Malik. She was also the talk of the town after she was found seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in an alleged dating relationship.

Future of Gigi, daughter Khai, and ex-husband Zayn Malik

The star couple Gigi and Zayn were supposed to be the best couple, and fans of them thought they were a perfect match. The couple was having a good relationship. Several times, they came in front of the media and shared their beautiful moments.

Khai, the beautiful child of theirs, came to this world, making their relationship even happier. Like other celebrities who broke up, they also ended up getting separated from each other. They didn’t want to bring their child in front of the media, as they wanted to maintain their daughter’s privacy.

The story gets deeper with the mother of Gigi Hadid. Zayn and his family blamed Gigi’s mother. On the other hand, Gigi also told the media that Zayn ruined her life. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio came to spice up the story a bit more.

Zayn also allegedly found a soft spot for Selena Gomez. If this mess continues to go on, then Gigi will ultimately fall into deep depression. Fans are also thinking the same. Zayn was seen planning to advance his career in full mood. Now it’s time to see what Gigi does in the future.

It’s people’s demand that they get together again, thinking of their beautiful daughter Khai, whom they love most.

Leave us your thoughts on what you think about Gigi’s $1000 fine and  the depression she is having right now in her life.

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