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Intelligent people have only one dream since becoming intelligent “to do/be something in life”. There is a lot to do behind this happening. There are some things that sometimes teach, sometimes send messages. To do this “something” in life, the most important thing after your own will power is “Motivation”. This inspiration can come from a few phrases or a sentence or a short story, just like a person can offer you. Eliminating depression has become an absolute necessity in today’s world.

As the days go by, the way of life is also changing. The pattern of achieving something in life is changing. Sometimes it feels like people don’t want to sit on their shoulders with despair. At this time, if a hand is found on the other shoulder like giving courage or giving inspiration or telling a ‘story of inspiration’. Then the evil force called ‘Depression’ vanishes into thin air, frustrated by not being able to finish a dream goes away and at the same time the dream will fly as the wings flap and become unburdened.

Everyone has a story in life

A 24-year-old boy was looking out of the train window and shouting,
“Father, see the trees are all going backwards”
The father was smiling and a couple sitting next to him were watching the boy’s childish behavior with sympathy. Suddenly the boy shouted again-
“Father, see the clouds run with us”

The pair could no longer remain silent, and told the old father-

“Why don’t you see your son to a doctor”

Father smiled and said-

‘I showed, we are coming from the hospital, my son was born blind, today he regained his eyesight, today he can see everything.

Moral of the story : Every person in the world has a story. It is not right to judge someone without knowing him well. The truth may surprise you.

The story of elephant and rope

A man was walking past the elephant, and stopped suddenly. He paused as he hesitated. He saw such large animals being tied by a small rope only on the forelegs. No chains or cages. This rope is too small for such a large animal to break. They are free to tear it off at any time but they do not do so for any particular reason. That’s why he was thinking.

Nearby he found a trainer and asked why these animals were standing like that, why they were not making any attempt to run away. Then the instructor replied – when they were very small, they were still tied with a rope of this size, which was sufficient for their size at that time. Growing up, they start to feel that this rope is controlling them, there is no getting out of it. At one point it becomes faith, as now, when their size is many times larger than the rope, believing that the rope can still hold them. So they never make any attempt to break it and go out.

The man was very surprised. These beings can come out of their bonds if they want to but only because of the belief that “they can’t” they stay stuck where they are stuck.

Like elephants, many of us sit there believing that we cannot do anything in life. Only because he failed at some point in his life.

Moral of the story : Failure is a part of learning, life is full of struggles, one should never give up.

The story of potatoes, eggs, coffee

One day the daughter was complaining to her father about her disappointment in her life. She said she can’t do anything anymore today, she doesn’t know what to do, she is tired of fighting today. It’s like when one problem ends, another one appears.

The girl’s father is a chef by profession. Hearing the girl’s frustration, he called her to the kitchen. Then he filled three pots with water and placed them on the fire. When the three pots were full, he poured potatoes into one, eggs into one, and coffee into another. He continued to simmer this for a while, without talking to the girl. On the other hand, the girl was impatiently watching what her father was doing.

After twenty minutes he turned off the stove, took out the potatoes one by one, put them in a bowl, put the eggs and poured the coffee into a cup. Then he asked the girl, “What are you looking at now?”

The girl replied “potatoes, eggs and coffee”.

Father said take a good look and catch it.

The daughter followed her father’s words and saw that the potato has become soft, the egg shell was opened and it was seen that it had boiled and hardened. On the other hand aroma coming out of the coffee cup made his face smile.

“What is the meaning of this, father?” asked the girl.

Father explained:

Potatoes, eggs, coffee beans, however were exposed to the same boiling water at the same temperature, i.e., the same divine environment. But in their own way they show different reactions. Hard potatoes become soft. A soft egg protected by a thin coating hardens. And the coffee beans were completedly different. They catch themeselves in boiling water and change the water itself, created a new thing.

“Which one are you?” The father asked the daughter. How will you react when hostile environment knocks at your door?

Please share your most motivating factors for overcoming depression in the comments section.

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