May 23, 2024
Future technologies

Future technologies

It is time to replace our blackboards, chalk, and textbooks with digital learning tools as study materials.

We are going to enter a very different world. Technological advancement is going to change the way we live permanently. The digital wave is going to enter every field and transform the ways how transactions are conducted.

Hence, the education sector will be no exception. Technology will reshape how education is conducted. Traditional ways that we have been following like using textbooks, boards, and chalk and teachers delivering lectures in classrooms will be changed completely.

The classroom will be made more proactive and digitally interactive with Interactive smartboards, digital learning platforms, and multimedia resources.
A proactive use of digital assets, elements, footage, tools, devices or cloud computing will provide a productive and efficient education journey for students.

A study by Gartner predicts that by 2023, 10% of personalized tutoring will be delivered by AI-powered chatbots (Gartner, 2020). According to a survey conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), 84% of teachers believe that technology positively impacts their teaching methods, with 74% reporting improved student engagement (NEA, 2020).

Lets see the 6 predictions about how future technology is going to change our education system

Flipped learning models

Teachers no longer have to rush and struggle to take out some extra minutes to spend on hands on learning. These models record class videos and publishes it so that students can see it at home. Hence this made the classtime available for teachers to help and explain students more. More time can be spent on hands on learning and explaining them the concepts better.

Virtual Reality Experiments

VR gave huge opportunities for students. VR gives practical demonstrations of historical events so that students get a better concept about their study materials. This tools also helps to conduct risky experiments without any threat. Daria Leshchenko, SupportYourApp Inc.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis is used on data in health sector and population and used to provide specific solutions for preventive care. In the same way theses tools can also be used for data on students scores and students healthcare predictions and for providing preventive measures. – Jamie Gianna, Partners Behavioral Health Management

Deeper Insight Into Each Student’s Learning Experience

Educators or teachers have limitations when it comes to determining students learning curve. This tool helps teachers to get a deeper insight and detailed overview of a students learning journey. Now teachers will have better opportunities to analyze student data. Tyler Shaddix, GoGuardian

Real-Time Digital Engagement

Real-time data gathering, bidirectional communication and flexible instruct. Now, teachers can communicate with students at the group and individual level, give quizzes and surveys, collect feedback and adjust their lessons on the fly to support student learning. – Ron Cogburn, Exela Technologiesion models facilitated student involvement learning and growth.

Teaching Low-Code App Development

Now there will be web developers everywhere. Everyone can do coding with this tool.
This is a boon for starters and fresh graduates. – Katherine Kostereva, Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

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