Formula 1 in a nutshell

Formula 1

Formula 1 is an elite motorsport that is often called “pinnacle of motorsport”. It is a part of long running legacy of racing 4 wheeled cars on extreme conditions and feeling the adrenaline rush of the moment. Formula 1 is a sport where 20 drivers and 10 teams compete against each other in 20+ different races to win the prestigious championship.

It involves a 3-day race involving 2 Free Practices for the teams to test their particular car setups and driver preferences. On Saturday we have Free Practice 3 and Qualifying session whereas, the main race in on Sunday.

# Qualifying

Qualifying is the most important part of race which decides the positions drivers will be starting the race in. It is a 3-session event where drivers try to set their quickest lap time using the allotted tire compounds and with various setups and fuel loads as per their preferences.
Qualifying is ended in Q3 where the 10 drivers who are sorted out from Q1 and Q2 sessions use softest compound tires to set a lap time. However, if a driver exceeds the track limits his lap-time is deleted.

# The Race

During the race on Sunday there’s a formation lap for drivers to heat up their tires as Formula 1 tires usually need to work in an ambient temperature range. After the formation lap comes the famous, “It’s lights out and Away we go” and race begins. Formula 1 races have an important role of the strategy team

which basically decides the entire setup and the type of tires the car will be running during the race. Drivers usually want to have maximum advantage over their opponents through various factors like, launch, pit-stop, undercut, slipstream and to facilitate overtakes Formula 1 has DRS (Drag Reduction System).

# Sprint Races

Recently, F1 has introduced a new format called Sprint Races which has additional qualifications and an extra Race before the main event. It is supposed to be a shorter more exciting format.

# 2023 Season

Formula 1 2023 season will feature 23 races with the addition of the new Las Vegas Grand Prix this year and will have 10 teams and a roster of 20 drivers.

# Aston Martin Cognizant Formula 1 Racing

  • Lance Stroll (18)
  • Fernando Alonso (14)

# Alpine Renault Racing

  • Pierre Gasly (10)
  • Esteban Ocon (31)

# Alpha Romeo Ferrari Racing

  • Valtteri Bottas (77)
  • Zhou Guanyu (24)

# Alpha Tauri Racing

  • Daniel Ricciardo/ Nyck De Vries/Liam Lawson (3/21/40)
  • Yuki Tsunoda (22)

# Haas F1 Team

  • Nico Hulkenberg (27)
  • Kevin Magnussen (20)

# Williams Formula 1 Racing

  • Alexander Albon (23)
  • Logan Sargeant (2)

# McLaren Formula 1 Racing

  • Oscar Piastri (81)
  • Lando Norris (4)

# Scuderia Ferrari

  • Charles Leclerc (16)
  • Carlos Sainz (55

# Petronas Mercedes AMG F1 Racing

  • Lewis Hamilton (44)
  • George Russell (63)

# Oracle Red Bull Racing

The current world championship is being led Max Verstappen as he dominates his way through the field and his rocket-ship refuses to be defeated by other teams. The championship is a really interesting one with a lot of drivers hunting down Verstappen for the win.

The season had a really surprising with Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso able to produce miracle performances. The current season features 4 Formula 1 rookies with addition of Oscar Piastri, Nyck De Vries, Logan Sargeant, Liam Lawson.


• As a form of extreme motorsport, Formula 1 cars are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and cornering speeds.

• Formula 1 cars are incredibly efficient at using the maximum power out of engine and taking corners at high speeds without diminishing the driver’s confidence.
Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsports and has been the breeding ground for many inventions in the automobile world.
• Formula 1 cars strive to use sustainable fuels.
• The drivers are high performance athletes and have incredible reaction time, they are able to counter many G’s of acceleration and braking forces and can easily work I any weather pushing their cars to the limits.
• Formula 1 cars do not feature any driver aids such as ABS or Traction Control and are purely running on driver skills.


• Like any internal combustion car Formula 1 cars produce carbon footprints and are a concern for environment.
• Formula 1 is ultimately a dangerous motorsport and can kill or cause lifetime injuries with any kind of carelessness.
• Formula 1 drivers need a very strict diet to counter the exhaustive races and it is said that they even lose up to 8kgs every race.
• Every season with the addition of a new race, Formula 1 is becoming more and more demanding for the drivers and its logistics cause a huge impact to environment.
• Formula 1 is an expensive sport and often considered elitist.
• Formula 1 race cars differ a lot from road cars so its hard to find the relevance in those concepts most of the time.

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