May 18, 2024
Barack Obama

The devastating visuals coming out of Maui and Lahaina over the last few days as dangerous wildfires occurred on August 8, 2023, caused large damage in Lahaina, Maui. On that note, former American president Barack Obama requested that all of us help by donating to the Hawaii Red Cross.

He recently posted a video on his Twitter handle with the warm caption, “It will take all of us coming together and doing what we can to help those in need in Maui and Lahaina right now. I hope you will join me in donating to the Hawaii Red Cross today”.

He requested everybody to come up and giving some possible donations to the Hawaii Red Cross, for helping the affected areas and people in Wildfires.

In his video, he expressed

“Hey, hello, everybody. Like so many people around the world, Michelle and I have been absolutely heartbroken by the devastating images coming out of Maui and Lahaina over the last week. You know, as someone who grew up in Hawaii and as someone who has taken my family to enjoy the incredible beauty of the island and the hospitality of the people of the place, We now find ourselves mourning the lives that have been lost.”

He also prayed for those who were destroyed in the disaster

Barack Obama

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have lost so much. The thing about it is, though, that thoughts and prayers in a moment like this are not enough.”

“We have to step up, we have to help those families, and we have to rebuild Lahaina. The good news is that the Hawaii Red Cross and Maui are mobilizing to provide direct support to the people who are desperately in need.”

He also asked for some donations

“I am asking you to do everything you can to generously support the Maui effort. If all of us pulled together and did as much as we could to give back to an island, a town, and the people who have given us so much, I’m absolutely confident that Lahaina and Maui, including those families, would be able to rebuild.”

“But we have got to be part of that, so please provide generous support to the Hawaii Red Cross and to Malama Maui right now,”- he addes

The wildfires destroyed about 2,500 acres of land, and many people and houses were also destroyed. A huge amount of damage has been done to Hawaii. But the good thing is that a lot of organizations are coming forward to help the victims. The Red Cross has been providing help to affected people; they are providing food, water, shelter, and emotional support as well,” he said.

Barack Obama showed his deep condolences to the families who lost their nearest ones in the wildfire. It seemed like many people didn’t like his request to donate to the Red Cross. Some have negatively commented on the Red Cross.

Apart from negative comments, people showed their sympathy for the affected community. Some were mentioning that Maui deserves better. Time will tell how the rehabilitation takes place and gets the community back to fully improved conditions.

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