May 22, 2024
a picture of joe smith from 2017 during his NBA playing session. and another picture of joe smith and his wife's selfie.

Former NBA player Joe Smith and his confrontation with his wife, Kisha Chavis, over her OnlyFans account has been making headlines. Smith, who was the first overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft, was absolutely furious when he discovered that Kisha had an OnlyFans account without informing him.

Joe smith felt disrespected and said that’s f**ked up

In a video, he expressed his anger, saying, “Just finding out you got an OnlyFans page all these years. That’s bulls. That’s fed up, Kish.”

Kisha defended her decision, stating that she wasn’t working with anyone else, and it was her choice. She explained that she had tried various solutions to improve their financial situation but ultimately returned to her former career path.

This revelation came as a shock to Joe Smith, who reportedly earned $61 million during his NBA career, though he ended up with significantly less after expenses.

Joe Smith’s financial journey took an unexpected turn. Despite earning $61 million during his NBA career, he retired with just $18 million.

The main culprit behind this massive reduction in wealth was how he managed his finances

Living a luxurious lifestyle, making poor investments, and not keeping a tight rein on spending all contributed to Smith’s financial woes. These financial decisions, along with the high expenses associated with an extravagant lifestyle, created a significant debt that he and his wife, Kisha Chavis, are now working to address.

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In a moment of realization, Smith candidly admitted, “I knew it was a big hole, but I didn’t know it was like that.” Seeing the financial breakdown and the numbers in black and white was an eye-opener for him.

Despite his considerable income, he retired with only a fraction of it. This ongoing financial struggle adds to the complexity of their situation.

The video of Joe Smith’s reaction to his wife’s OnlyFans account underscores the importance of open communication in relationships and the financial challenges faced by some former athletes.

The couple’s decision on how to address their financial issues and their relationship remains unclear, but it’s a situation that has sparked discussions and debates.

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