May 23, 2024
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Best-selling personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, simply dropped the bomb that he’s dealing with the dark waters of a massive $1 billion debt, in a financial exposure that would make most of us break out in cold sweats.

Unexpectedly, it’s a strategy rather than a problem for him. In a recent Instagram video, Kiyosaki revealed his strange debt philosophy, according to which having $1 billion in debt is a calculated move rather than a financial nightmare.

A fine line must be drawn between assets and liabilities in Kiyosaki’s financial Ballet. He deals with the waters of debt as part of assets, while many people swim in the debt pool to buy liabilities. For example, even though his luxurious cars, a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce, are completely paid for, they still involve liabilities because of his financial skill.

Starting from Kiyosaki’s doubts about the pattern of cash savings, this almost illogical approach can be connected back to the dramatic breakup of the US dollar and the gold standard in 1971, which happened during President Richard Nixon’s presidency.

Kiyosaki takes another way, storing gold instead of collecting cash, and turning earnings into the shining haven of silver and gold. His actions have resulted in him proudly showing off a $1.2 billion debt tag.

β€œThe bank collapse if I give up. He declares, “Not my problem,” with the confidence of a successful businessman. Kiyosaki confidently stated, “I’m a billion dollars in debt because debt is money,” in a recent episode of the “Disruptors” podcast, going even further with his debt declaration.

However, this is a calculated perform with the financial gods rather than a careless jump into the the darkness.

Kiyosaki looks deeper into the financial puzzles by presenting the idea of good debt as opposed to bad debt. He thinks good debt as a tool that has helped create wealth rather than as a scary spectre. In his strategy, loans used to purchase assets that generate revenue are the golden tickets.

His actions in the complex perform of finance involve using debt as a weapon, especially in the fields of real estate and investments.

Kiyosaki is not just an author but a financial luminary as well; his 1997 book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has sold over 40 million copies and left an imprint on history. In a society where debt anxiety frequently weakens people, Kiyosaki skillfully handles the financial waves, transforming a billion-dollar debt into an ideal combination of careful risk-taking and planned wealth creation.

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