May 18, 2024
A picture of the Couple, Joe jonas and Sophie Turner.Fans are claiming "This is getting ugly" as Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas for the children's return to England.

After three years of dating, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas got married in 2019. And, after four years of getting married, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas filed for divorce on Sept 5, 2023. Recently, Sophie Turner sued her ex-partner, Joe Jonas, for child custody. Fans are claiming “This is getting ugly” as Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas for the children’s return to England.

According to BBC News, On Thursday, the lawyer for Sophie’s legal petition for their children in New York. The 27-year-old claimed the petition was “wrongful detention” for their children.

The Lawsuit filled Manhattan court, and the Game of Thrones alum requested that her three kids return to England. Turner is fighting for her daughter Willa (3 years old), and another daughter, who was born in 2022.

According to Turner’s legal team, this whole mess started on September 20th, when they believe they kept the kids from their mom. It’s a tough situation, and they’re looking to set things right. The filing says they moved to a rental in May on a long-term basis. They entered into the contract in July and are planning to move in December.

According to the petition, the children would stay with Joe Jonas and his family until Sophie finished filming her new drama in U.K. Then should travel to New York city in mid-September and take her kids back in U.K.

But all plans went to waste because of the Divorce.

According to NBC News, Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Sept 1, but Sophie didn’t know until the media told her in Sept 5.

Now the 27-year-old Game of Thrones alum wants her kid back in England. Before Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas, she claims she and her ex-partner declared England their “forever home” in conversations that took place over Christmas 2022.

Joe Jonas Refused to Provide children’s passports

After the divorce, Joe Jonas refused to give his children’s passports to Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas claimed that their kids had been living in Florida for six months before they filed for divorce. But there’s a twist. Sophie Turner and Joe had a talk on Sunday about their separation. During this chat, they both agreed that the kids should go back to England that week.

Joe had the children’s passports, but he wouldn’t give them to Sophie so she could take the kids back to England. It’s a tough situation, for sure.

Turner is currently with her kids in New York City. Jonas denied the alligations and said, “I did not abduct my children.”

Where things are escalating quickly, fans are calling this an “ugly fight” amid the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner lawsuit.

Finally, Sophie Turner sues Joe Jonas and requested the return of her children to England by submitting an application.

What do you think about this whole situation?

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