Fan reacts after singer Bebe Rexha brutally slapped on face in rooftop concert: “Poor Bebe hope that person is held 100% accountable”

Bebe Rexha

Sunday night was a nightmare for Bebe Rexha. She never thought that this might happen. A cell phone from the audience hit her brutally, and she got injured. This was totally unlucky for the famous singer and song writer.

The spot was on the rooftop. The concert was happening in Manhattan, New York. Fans were enjoying the concert very much. Suddenly, a cell phone was thrown by someone, and she got hurt. She was reportedly found to have been hit in the head and around the left cheek area.

How fans reacted on social media about the incident

The fans and admirers of Bleta Rexha have shown their anger by brutally commenting on Twitter. One fan added, “Poor Bebe hope that person is held 100% accountable.” Some were saying that the singer is an unproblematic person, and it’s quite unlucky that she has been hurt.

Some got really fierce and said it like they were in the full mood of the concert, and the culprit just made the beautiful moment totally ruinous. The admirers are praying for her quick recovery and wishing her good health.

What really happened in the concert

Bebe is a renowned singer. Who knows that she might have enemies who caused the incident? The concert was going well. Bebe was found moving from one side to another on the stage, showing a little bit of a catwalk with singing to impress the audience.

Suddenly, the cell phone hit her in the face. She was found instantly grabbing her face by herself and going to sit down on the stage. At first, people and crew members didn’t understand what really happened. Eventually, they found she had been brutally hurt.

Who was accused of the incident?

The police department accused a person who is 27 years old. The alleged criminal was taken into the custody of the police. Fans are reacting by saying that the culprit should be brutally punished.

The name of the bad guy is Nicolas Malvagna of Manalapan. Manalapan has been charged with assault. Further on, police will investigate whether other persons are involved with him or not, or if there is any other gang that targeted the concert and tried to harm the singer very badly with some other bad intentions.

How is Bebe Rexha now?

The report says that the singer needed to have several stitches after going to the hospital. When she suddenly sat down on the stage uncomfortably, the crew members rushed to her and immediately took her to the nearby hospital.

It was confirmed that she is now in stable condition. Though this incident will take some time to heal her mentally, fans are waiting to see her get back as soon as possible.

She has posted on Twitter, and it shows that she is now fine. She has posted her face photo with a thumbs up. It’s been found that she is wearing stitches on her left eyebrow area.

Taking a look at some beautiful works by Bebe Rexha

Bebe is well known for her quality work. She is an American singer and songwriter. She has received huge admiration for contributing to the writing of the famous song ‘The Monster’ which is sung by Eminem and Rihanna. Rexha also contributed to the songwriting of Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas.

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