May 23, 2024
Russell Westbrook

The famous NBA star Russell Westbrook, who has become a nine-time NBA All-Star and the most valuable player, showed his capability wherever he went. This point guard played for the Lakers, Wizards, Rockets, and Thunder before playing under the Clippers franchise.

Russell Westbrook has agreed to a two-year, nearly $8 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Clippers, according to his agent, Jeff Schwartz. Westbrook has recovered well with the Clippers after going through one of his career’s most trying periods. Westbrook successfully negotiated a trade with the Lakers during the 2021 offseason to make his way to Los Angeles.

Westbrook’s contract with the teams

The Lakers did, however, make a move that helped them advance to the Western Conference Finals after a miserable year and a half in purple and gold by trading Westbrook to the Utah Jazz at the deadline. After that, the Jazz purchased Westbrook’s contract, and he ultimately signed with the Clippers.

He had a mixed relationship with them. When the Clippers lost to the Phoenix Suns in the first round, Westbrook earned a start again and displayed impressive all-around play. Westbrook’s shortcomings are still very apparent, as evidenced by the Clippers’ final record of 12-14 in 26 games while he was on the lineup.

Why did Westbrook’s market get comparatively small?

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook will turn 35 at the start of the upcoming season, despite still being one of the NBA’s most electric athletes. He never developed into even an adequate 3-point shooter. He can play ferocious on-ball defense for extended periods, but he rarely plays as a team’s vigilant defender. Although he can pass the ball well, he often takes bad shots, and lately, he has not been able to finish at the rim as well as he used to.

These shortcomings constrained Westbrook’s market to a comparatively small number of teams. He had a super-max contract when the previous season began, but no team was willing to pay him anything close to that sum this time around. What role Westbrook will play for the Clippers is still a mystery.

As a potential starter in Westbrook’s place earlier this offseason, the Clippers came dangerously close to trading for Malcolm Brogdon. However, medical concerns ultimately squashed that deal. James Harden and Damian Lillard were being mentioned as potential trade targets by the Clippers, a move along those lines might force Westbrook back to the bench. Westbrook’s role with the Clippers is still unknown, but they apparently liked what they saw last year enough to bring him back.

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