Exploring fans’ reactions to Zayn Malik’s comeback song ‘Love Like This’

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has eventually returned. The ex-One Direction singer was having a difficult time after leaving his former band and breaking up with his ex-wife, Gigi Hadid. Zayn has a very magical voice, which he showed in his previous songs.

In the last two years, his fans have been waiting for his new songs, but Zayn couldn’t release any single one due to various reasons. It’s been almost one day since his new song ‘Love Like This’ was released on YouTube. It’s already crossed 2 million views on YouTube. His fans are getting crazy, and other YouTubers are making reaction videos to his news song.

Fans reactions to Zayn Malik’s ‘Love Like This’

Fans are bursting into the comment section of the song on YouTube. One has added,”Zayn can literally sing anything cuz his voice is just that heavenly.” Of course, Zayn Malik’s previous songs proved his voice’s worth and how magical it is.

One girl wished Zayn Malik in a different way. She added, “Dear Zayn, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Your music always manages to comfort me and make me feel better. I can’t express how much it means to me and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me with. I really appreciate it. We’re all so proud of you.”

Zayn’s comeback after almost 2 years with a fresh song was literally amazing to the fans. He is getting accolades almost from everyone. His fans are thinking that this comeback will give him a new spirit to work for his own career.

One lady showed heartfelt feelings for the singer. She commented, “Zayn always giving us fresh sounds without losing its essence. We are facing one of the best artists of our generation, let’s support its authenticity. I love you, zaddy.”

Zayn Malik has already received love and inspiration from his fanbase, who actually love the voice of this singer. His appearance in the recent interview with ‘Call Her Daddy’ tells the fans that he is more mature now and is ready to roar again.

Zayn Malik’s bold comeback gives him confidence

In the recent interview, Zayn revealed why he left one direction. He also expressed how he is leading his life and how he has actually overcome the anxiety. It was quite a challenge for him to fight against anxiety and set an example in front of his daughter.

The ‘Love Like This’ song creates another level of buzz among the fans. The lyrics of the song are beautiful and create an attraction. Some of the lines from his song:

I don’t wanna waste no time
You are the, you are the crown
Everything is on the line, but I would rather be dead
If it’s gonna mean a life that is lived without you, baby

I guess that’s love like this
Usually, I never wanna jump like this
But I think I wanna dump my chips ’cause
I cannot go back
I guess that’s faith like this
Give you everything and you can skate like this
But I think I gotta take that risk ’cause
I cannot go back
I cannot go back

It was absolutely hilarious that after an altercation with Yolanda Hadid and a break up with Gigi, comeback was very tough in a full spirit. His voice and his worth eventually didn’t let him down.

Why Zayn Malik left One Direction

It was very pathetic for the people who love One Direction a lot when Zayn Malik left the band. The combination of the youngsters was so good that they became young sensations. Zayn said frequently that he was passing through a very monotonous life during his journey with One Direction.

Zayn Malik expressed that the same thing they were doing every day—the hectic schedule, anxiety, not even eating for days—and also seeing the same people around him all the time made him sick, and thus he took the decision to leave the band.

Though many people described him as selfish, his decision was ultimately appreciated by the majority of his fans. His facing of racism, Islamophobia, and marginalization allegedly compelled him to do that. Although the teammates still have the same feelings for Zayn Malik,

Harry Styles is missing Zayn, as is proven in many videos. The bonding among the boys in One Direction was great. Leaving  One Direction gave Zayn Malik relief from the pressure that he was feeling.

How did Zayn Malik overcome the breakup effect with Gigi Hadid?

Gigi was not at home. Zayn and his daughter Khai were having a good time. Zayn went into an altercation with the mother of Gigi Hadid. The whole matter then went viral on the internet. Zayn didn’t want to share the actual matter, as he always wanted to keep it private, thinking of his daughter.

The couple is now just coparenting. Yolanda is thought to be the one who is very toxic. She got a huge mockery from the fans of Zayn Malik. In a video, Yolanda Hadid was seen giving advice to her daughter and eventually forcing Gigi not to go for volleyball but to build up a career in modeling.

Yolanda Hadid called Gigi a Lesbian

Yolanda Hadid has always been a toxic person, which people understood after seeing family videos of Yolanda with her daughter. Yolanda always controlled the lives of her daughters. She doesn’t let Gigi Hadid eat for two straight minutes.

She thinks that those girls who play volleyball have to make their bodies fit, and for that, they go through arduous physical training, which she didn’t like on Gigi. She told Gigi that volleyball is a masculine game and you should focus on modeling.

Yolanda is also thought to be the person who actually forced her daughter, Bela Hadid, to do the nose job. This incident got brutal taunts from many people.

The future of Zayn Malik, his career, relationship with Gigi, and daughter

It’s hard to say whether Zayn and Gigi will reunite. Their daughter, Khai, is now a few years old. Zayn smartly handled his bad situation. He has a daughter, and thus, thinking about her, Zayn didn’t have outbursts in front of the media, and he gave proof of a good father.

Zayn is a very big-hearted person. He allegedly went on dates with singer Selena Gomez. Several reports also mentioned seeing them together in a hotel in New York, and again, Zayn got into controversy.

Again to say Zayn was seen in the recent interview as fresh, and people are claiming that he has fully recovered from his bad times so it’s his time to do quality works.

As the ex-One Direction singer split up with Gigi, it can almost be said that he won’t reunite with her toxic mom. His bold comeback shows a sign that he will be busy with his career and give the fans more beautiful songs.

Leave us your thoughts on what you think about Zayn Malik’s bold comeback.

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