May 17, 2024

Becoming a hit from the year 2000 onward, the singer Alecia Beth Moore Hart (born September 8, 1979), known as Pink, shared some unpleasant memories from her life in an interview. She opened up like an open diary for her fans, giving a glimpse into her life.

It’s believed that she gave these 135 million-record-selling singer’s candid revelations from the depths of her heart. Who would have known the hidden pain behind this popular artist?

In a conversation with Cecilia Vega on “60 Minutes”

Pink said, “Basically I grew up in a house where every day, my parents were screaming at each other, throwing things,” she also said. “They hated each other. And then I got into drugs. I was selling drugs. And then I was kicked out of the house. I dropped out of high school. I was off the rails.”


She deeply regrets her past. Before leaving her home in Pennsylvania, things got so bad with her work and life situation that, in one violent episode with her mother, her mother fell down the stairs, and Pink still feels guilt for it. She went on to struggle further when she left home, with her drug use escalating, and the cocktail of substances nearly took her life. At that time, she was just 16 years old.

Pink said, “I was at a rave, and I overdosed. I was on – oh boy – ecstasy, angel dust, crystal, all kinds of things and then I was out. Done. Too much.”

A lack of family support can truly expose a child to a dangerous environment

Alecia said, “And I remember my friend was standing over me, smacking me across the face. And he was like, ‘Get up. You wanna sing, right?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘Get on the microphone.’ So I got up and I sang. And the DJ there took me aside and said, ‘Come back tomorrow, I’ll give you a guest spotlight. But you can never touch drugs again.’ And I never did, haven’t since.”

And that was the turning point in Pink’s life, where her career, which has spanned 25 years, has continued to skyrocket in popularity. She adds further, “I realize that the machete that I’ve always carried, this metaphorical machete that I’ve always carried that made me a really difficult kid, is what makes me really good at what I do today. And it makes me a survivor.”

Pink like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she turned her life around, and now her music resonates with millions worldwide. Pink wants to ensure that her children don’t have a shadow from her past. She strives to be a loving mother and at the same time a good role model for her kids, a sentiment clearly reflected in her mother’s recent tweet. Her story shows us that the pain we carry can be transformed into strength.

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