Everything You need to know about Apples Upcoming launch

Apples Upcoming launch

Apples upcoming launch is going to be a big thing in 2024. The tech giant never starts the year so early.
Visitors are curious about the new product features, the release dates and everything related to the big event. According to insiders, Apples upcoming launches is going to be a huge blockbuster!

In 2024 the tech giant is expected to launch the new iPhone 16 series, a refreshed iPhone SE, M3 MacBook Air, Apple Watch X, Apple GPT, and OLED iPad pro

iPhone 16 series

After a long-awaited period, after the iPhone 15 series filled the shelves, users started looking forward to the iPhone 16 series. The air filled with stirring rumors, inside leaks and the news beats about the grand launch of the flagship phones.

The phone is still in the training stage. The iPhone 16 is going to lead to major changes in the exterior. The size of the phone is going to change from 6.3 inches to 6.9 inches.

Apple is upgrading new A-series chips for the iPhone 16 lineup, which is built on the latest N3E 3-nanometer node.
Improvements are made on performance and efficiency according to insiders but concrete information is not yet found.

iPhone 16 Pro

iPhone 16 ProiPhone 15 Pro
Thickness8.25 mm8.25 mm
Height149.6 mm146.6 mm
Width71.45 mm70.60 mm
Display6.3″ (159.31 mm)6.1″ (155.38 mm
Weight194 grams187 grams

A refreshed iPhone SE- The cheaper and the best.

In recent years the tech giant has shifted it’s strategies from frequently changing their models to upgrading the existing models and offering better subscriptions.

iPhone SE is the example of this strategy.
The iPhone SE starts at $399 for the 64 GB model compared to the iPhone XR and XS, which start at $749 and $999, respectively, that’s extremely affordable. But the services you’ll want to access through the phone are not.

M3 MacBook Air

An excellent combination of high performance and longer battery life.
The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air M3 update will happen at a spring event or at WWDC in June 2024.

Apple Watch X

This exemplary launch of the tech giant is expected to a revolution in redesigning and advanced features and capabilities.

Since 2015 the era of Apple smart watches began. Over the years Apple produced models with series of of changes and updates.
As the tech giants tenth anniversary is approaching, it is expected to make a blast for the upcoming occasion. The mark it’s going to put is called Apple watch X.

This is a new light expected to see in the upcoming years after ten years of the first generation.

Apple gpt

Will there be an Apple gpt?
Yes! Shocking but true.
The tech giant is fueling billions into the generative AI.
This advancement in tech is going to be similar to discovering a new planet.
According to Tim Cook, a significant portion is allocated to AI technologies, including generative AI. Tim Cook mentioned that Apple prefers to “announce things as they come to market,” keeping their cards close to their chest.

OLED iPad Pro

Since 2017 Apple started using OLED screens but still used LCD screens iMacs, MacBooks, standalone displays and iPads. Assuming an OLED upgrade means more than just a nice screen for the next Pro model.

Ming-Chi Kuo echoed that later in the day in a Medium post that Apple will mass-produce two OLED iPads using the same LTPO tech that gives both Apple Watches and newer iPhones their 1Hz to 120Hz variable refresh rate. Kuo added they’ll outperform the Mini LED iPad Pro in “display performance and power consumption.”

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