Elly De La Cruz hilariously exclaims after Reds’ 12th winning streak: “I can’t really put it into words right now”

Elly De La Cruz

It was 11-10, and the Cincinnati Reds took the lead over the Atlanta Braves. The charismatic performance has been shown by the young star, Elly De La Cruz. This rookie has made history. The season for Cincinnati becomes very promising. For the team, Friday night becomes very special.

The Great American Ball Park this time witnessed something different. 12 matches won has become a great achievement for the Franchise. The team after 1957 didn’t witness such a record.

Why was Elly De La Cruz getting praise?

The 21-year-old rookie has shown his worth on Friday night. In the sixth inning, Elly De La Cruz completes the cycle. The fans were exalted with joy because, for the Reds, it’s the first time since 1989 that one of their players has made it.

If we look into the history, we will find that this history was previously made by Eric Davis. Eric showed this performance against the San Diego Pardes.

What Elly De La Cruz actually showed and How the team performed

De La Cruz was playing brutally in his 15th major league game. In the very third inning, he got a two-run home run, and this performance made a way for the Reds to get back a single run within.

De La Cruz also hit an RBI single in the fifth inning. Later in the sixth inning, the right field got the shot of Del La Cruz, which was brutally extensive, and he completed the cycle. The very final hit was very exciting for the team and the fans.

Why De La Cruz will be remembered for this record

This Reds’ star has become the third-fastest. Major league Baseball history grabs him as the third after Gary Ward and Cliff Heathcote. His name takes on another pride, and that is that he will be considered the youngest to complete the cycle after the 1970s.

The manager of the Reds also praised this star highly in such a way that this season he will keep in his mind forever. He added,”I think this might be the best regular-season game that I’ve been a part of.”

How De La Cruz expressed his joy

This history was beyond imagination for this reds star. He felt like he couldn’t express his feelings for this victory. He added,”I can’t really put it into words right now,I’m happy and excited. It is fortunate Eric Davis is one of the legends of this game and in Cincinnati, too. Sure enough he let me wear that jersey No. 44 and to be the [first] one since him to do that, is incredible.”

The Reds are now in a good state this season. Fans are cheering for the team’s performance. It was clear that after 2012, they hadn’t gotten the taste to become the winners in their division. This time something is different, and history has been made. Time will tell how Del La Cruz continues to mesmerize the fans with the same performance in the future.

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