May 24, 2024
Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts passed for 279 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday’s 31-17 win over the Dolphins, including the game-winning score to A. J. Brown following a pick-6.

The injuries were not serious. Will the injury hamper the great quarterback? When asked if he thought so, Hurts said, “I hope not.”

The Eagles’ 13-2 start was derailed by two defeats in 2017 when Hurts suffered a broken collarbone. Hurts scored a touchdown through the air and on the ground in his 13th professional game.

He commented, “He played the rest of the game and he played well.” A true adversary. It would be best if you didn’t give anyone else a cent. The only two NFL teams without a single blemish are the champion Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Dolphins (5-2) were paced by Hurts’s former Alabama colleague Tua Tagovailoa, but Hurts threw two more picks and connected with Brown 10 times for 137 yards.

CB “Big Play” In the end, Slay prevailed. In the fourth quarter, with the score 24-17, Slay picked off Tagovailoa’s long throw intended for Raheem Mostert on the goal line and returned it 16 yards. Reggie White, Kelly Green Eagles jerseys, and Slay had another stellar defensive performance.

“Big play,” Slay proclaimed. It occurs frequently. Every second counts. On Sunday after dark. Decisions are made only by myself. After Hurts threw a TD throw of 42 yards to Brown late in the fourth quarter, the Eagles went on to win thanks to a game-winning TD run by Gainwell from 3 yards out. The severity of injuries varied throughout the year.

In less than 15 seconds to the end of the game, Hurts sealed the victory with a touchdown pass to Brown of 14 yards. Hurts attempted a fake handoff early in the third quarter, but linebacker Jerome Baker tipped his short pass.

Baker’s pick-off return for 22 yards made the score 17-17. The previous Sunday, Hurts threw three interceptions against the Jets after finishing second in voting for NFL MVP despite throwing six in the last season.

Tagovailoa passed for 216 yards and 23 touchdowns in his NFL debut against Hurts. Nick Saban of Alabama has connected two quarterbacks, both aged 25.

After Tagovailoa came in for Hurts at halftime, Alabama scored three unanswered points and went on to win the national title.

In the second quarter, Hurts threw a touchdown pass of 19 yards to Dallas Goedert, increasing their lead to 10-3. Brown’s medical tent astonished the eagles.

The wideout took a blow to the face but still managed to rush out of the tent and catch a 32-yard pass on fourth down, bringing the Eagles to within 10 yards of the end zone.

Many NFL followers foretold the Eagles’ next play. A pass in play-action? Don’t be dishonest. Thigh thrust, you got it. Hurts opened the scoring, resulting in a 17-3 deficit. “People can’t do it like we can.” This play should not be banned. If it were allowed, everyone would. Miami’s offense was the best in the league.

At 5-5, Miami had a record of 8 wins and five losses. Only the Buffalo Bills (4-3) have a winning record. 4-0, Miami. The NFC Champions game on Sunday is a “good opportunity to see where our team stands,” according to Tagovailoa.

The dolphins were real. After 39 seconds and after beating two defenders, Tagovailoa hit Tyreek Hill for a touchdown to put the Chiefs up 17-10.

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