May 17, 2024
Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Surprisingly, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, has decided not to testify in the ongoing civil fraud trial in New York. The trial, led to take place by, New York Attorney General Letitia James, Trump, his business, and his kids are accused of cheating the public out of $250 million through overstated the worth of assets in real estate.

Trump had previously taken the witness stand but was expected to testify again to counter statements made by a real estate expert. However, his attorney, Christopher Kise, announced that Trump had “already testified,” claiming there was nothing more to add. This decision follows a contentious appearance on November 6, where Trump clashed with Judge Arthur Engoron, offering lengthy and often tangential responses.

The trial has been a legal showdown, with Letitia James asserting that her office has uncovered evidence of Trump committing years of financial fraud, unjustly benefiting himself and his family. Despite Trump’s attempts to downplay the allegations, James insists, “No matter how much he tries to distract from reality, the facts don’t lie.”

The heart of the matter revolves around accusations that Trump and his associates inflated the values of real estate assets to secure more favorable bank loans and insurance terms. Although Trump said in this regard on social media, “I have already testified to everything & have nothing more to say”. Judge Engoron has already ruled that James’s office provided “conclusive evidence” of Trump overstating his net worth, leading to fines and the liquidation of several companies managing the contested assets.

Throughout the trial, Trump has criticized Judge Engoron, branding him as “hostile” and a “political hack.” The former president has been fined $15,000 for violating a partial gag order, a penalty imposed due to disparaging remarks about the judge’s law clerk.

As the trial enters its final week, the defense is expected to present its last expert witness, Eli Bartov, an accounting professor at New York University. The attorney general seeks a $250 million fine and a permanent ban on Trump running a business in New York. The trial, which commenced in October, is slated to conclude in January, with Judge Engoron delivering his final ruling. The outcome remains uncertain, but the legal drama continues to captivate attention.

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