May 18, 2024
Mike McDaniel

People paid close attention to the hilarious but serious running of Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel. He was observed gazing back after suddenly starting to run.

With this running action, the coach of the Dolphins, a former assistant of Mike and Kyle Shanahan and a seasoned assistant, allowed the people to chuckle and make comments. Let’s find out more about what happened.

Is Mike McDaniel the funniest coach in NFL?

The Miami Dolphins had a match with the New England Patriots. They won the game. After the 4th quarter, the Dolphins ended up beating the Patriots with 24-17 scores. At the end of the second quarter, the Dolphins were 17 and the Patriots were 3. Here is the incident that happened when McDaniel showed his funny move after the second half, and it was halftime.

Fans were commenting with many ridiculous remarks in the Twitter post. Some are saying that coffee hits in the morning and it’s time to go. One absurd comment was, “Hey mom, watch how fast I am.”

Some were even surprisingly saying that they were glad he’s a coach in the NFL. Coming to another comment, it was like, “Funniest coach in NFL.” One has been forced to say that he used to be a comedian.

The Dolphins led 3-0 in the first quarter, 14-3 in the second, 0-0 in the third, and 7-14 in the fourth.

Mike McDaniel as a coach—how he is really!

Experts and most people think that McDaniel is a very talented coach. He is the best coach, according to the comments made by some fans. The Miami Dolphins gave him the position with a view to making the team’s performance better, winning in the playoffs, and thus winning the Super Bowl.

Dolphins last made the playoffs in 2022. Before that, they went into the playoffs in 2016. Now time will tell how they perform under the guidance of McDaniel. He is the coach who is capable of working with the quarterbacks.

He, in his previous teams, showed and created the planning of the games for effective performance. Though he sometimes showed funny attitudes and got trolled for them, apart from that, he is quite capable as a coach.

Tell us your opinion about Mike McDaniel’s funny attitude and how he is as a coach.

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