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One of the ancient wonders is the pyramid. These pyramids have amazed visitors, anthropologists, architects, scientists for centuries with their grandeur, construction techniques and immense mysteries.

However, many pyramids of different designs are scattered not only in Egypt but also in different parts of the world. Pyramids are not only large structures made of brick or stone, some of these pyramids located in different parts of the world are considered to be the largest structures in the world.

Surrounded by the mystery of construction techniques and construction style, these pyramids have spread to the world with their beauty and mystery. So our society has many stories and talk about the construction and history of these ancient pyramids. Still the focus of curiosity is in these people.

Today’s discussion is about pyramid introduction.

What are pyramids and who built the first pyramid

In geometry terms, a pyramid is essentially a three-dimensional geometric design. This three-dimensional model of land is a polygonal field. The triangular field from each side of this field meets at a point at the top, called the vertex. The resulting three-dimensional shape is called a pyramid. In a word, a pyramid is a triangular structure consisting of many large stone blocks or blocks of bricks arranged one after the other.

In answer to the question of who built the first pyramid, it is believed that the people of the Mesopotamian civilization were the first to build pyramid-shaped structures. Although the discovery and construction of the pyramids began in the Mesopotamian civilization, the name pyramid is most associated with the Egyptian civilization.

Pyramids of Mesopotamia

The pyramid structures of the Mesopotamian civilization were called “ziggurats”. After construction, these pyramids were painted with bright gold or copper. Such pyramids were built of sun-dried mud bricks, which made them less durable. Few of them survive today.

Pyramids of Egypt

When you hear the name of the pyramids, the name of Egypt comes to mind. When you hear the name Egypt, the image of the pyramids comes to mind. As if complementing each other. Although Egypt is the land of the pharaohs and the Niles, the world’s most famous pyramids are located in Egypt. Hence Egypt is called “Land of Pyramids”. As of 2008, 138 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt. The largest and most impressive is the Pyramid of Giza, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu.

Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

The largest structure in Teotihuacan, Mexico is the Pyramid of the Sun. It is also the third largest pyramid in the world. Researchers believe that this pyramid was probably built to honor a god. According to archaeologists, the inhabitants of this area are mainly representatives of the indigenous civilizations of Central America. Later, traces of the Aztec civilization dating back about 1,000 years and the Mayan civilization dating back about 500 years have been found at this site in Mexico.

Brihadeeswara Temple, Tamil Nadu, India

Brihadeeswara Temple in the South Asian country, India, Tamil Nadu is another beauty spot among the pyramids. It was built during the reign of the Chola kings. Originally this temple was built in honor of Hindu god Shiva. Considered to be the grandest structure of the Chola dynasty, this temple is situated on the south side of the Kaveri river. Also known as ‘Thanjai Periya Kovil’ in Tamil, the peculiarity of the temple is that the shade of its spire does not change during the afternoon. It is modeled after Chola wall paintings and the face of Shiva Tagore and its structure is made of granite stones.

Pyramid of Cestius in Rome

It is said that between 18 and 12 AD, a wealthy magistrate of the time built this pyramid of Cestius as his tomb. His name was Gaius Sosius. This pyramid is named after him. The pyramid is lined with white marble in the north-west and is decorated with various Roman murals. Its main and main attraction is the Aurelian Wall near the Protestant Cemetery.

So far the discussion of today’s pyramid introduction episode. Stay tuned to ‘Mandatory Press’ for more details about the pyramids and various historical facts.

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