Disney Star Coco Lee’s cause of death revealed, Sisters’ examination of her condition came as shock

Coco Lee

Ferren Coco Lee, who is well known as Coco Lee with her expertise in singing, dancing, and acting, recently died at 48. The singer was originally born in Hong Kong and moved to America. A lot of quality dies with her death. Internet created a huge buzz after her death. She was found attempting suicide, and the incident was first revealed by the sisters on social media.

Coco Lee died Wednesday. Fnas was shocked to hear her death news. She was thought to be the kind of artist who had a good career. People wanted to know why the jolly, beautiful singer had to attempt suicide. Her sisters, Carol and Nancy Lee, eventually revealed the cause. It’s nothing but depression.

What have the sisters of Coco Lee actually said?

Depression is the reason Coco couldn’t fight, ultimately. Each and every person in this world has depression, but the level of it is different. The sisters of Coco Lee revealed that their beautiful Coco’s health condition was going bad. Over time, the depression was literally killing her. She couldn’t fight back with it.

The sisters also highlighted that she was seeking professional help to overcome the condition. They added, “Although, CoCo sought professional help and did her best to fight depression, sadly that demon inside of her took the better of her.”

Wednesday was the day Coco Lee left the world. She went into a coma after attempting suicide. She tried to take her own life but instantly failed. Meanwhile, her family members took her to the hospital, and she died there.

“CoCo is also known to have worked tirelessly to open up a new world for Chinese singers in the international music scene, and she went all out to shine for the Chinese,” Sisters added.

Coco Lee’s career probability and thoughts about the song

Coco’s career probability was huge. The singer thought that she would work for the Chinese language, and initially she was known as a Mandopop singer, which is called the singer of Mandarin popular music.

It’s been many years. Her career path is long. Coco didn’t only stick to Chinese; rather, releasing albums in English and Chinese side by side was also amazing, and fans really liked those. It was quite visible that she had a successful career in Asia.

Coco released albums in Cantonese too. Sony Music presented her as the first Chinese singer in front of the world. Fa Mulan is the well-known heroine of Disney. Disney released Mulan in 1998. The Mandarin version of Mulan also became famous at that time. Coco gave the voiceover for the heroine in that film. She also had the opportunity to sing the theme song.

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