May 24, 2024
Dillion Brooks's pregame staredown game joined by Jamal Murray

Fans are loving and laughing at Dillion Brooks’s pregame staredown during Friday night’s game against the Denver Nuggets. If you don’t know, Dillon Brooks has a new trick up his sleeve. Before games, he stands his ground, staring down the opposing team’s bench. 

In the recent game against the Denver Nuggets, we got a glimpse of this quirky pre-game ritual. Imagine it as Brooks being the rockstar of staring contests who adds a pinch of fun during the serious match.

Jamal Murray is also a player of Dillion Brooks’s Pregame Staredown

Dillon Brooks, the man of the hour with his pregame stare-down antics, pulled off a nearly one-minute silent standoff. His fellow Canadian teammate Jamal Murray couldn’t resist joining the fun.  No hard feelings, though, as they share the court as national team buddies.

This isn’t the first time Brooks has shown this peculiar move. A couple of weeks back, he did the same against his former team, the Memphis Grizzlies, and guess what? The Rockets clinched victories in both games. Looks like Brooks might be onto something with this quirky tactic.

Fast forward to a Lakers vs. Rockets showdown, and things got heated between Brooks and LeBron James. In a nostalgic nod to ’90s basketball, the two engaged in an old-school showdown during Houston’s decisive 128-94 win. Brooks, never one to shy away, used tight defense to strip the ball from James, celebrating the play emphatically.

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The Brooks vs. LeBron feud traces back to last season when Brooks, then with the Grizzlies, called the NBA superstar “old” and gave him a memorable poke in the groin during a playoff game. Classic trash talk, right?

Brooks declared he was “ready to lock [James] up in the lead-up to their latest clash.” LeBron, ever diplomatic, acknowledged Brooks’ skills and the deserving $80 million contract he landed with the Rockets.

Dillion Brooks’s Pregame Staredown is Growing on Fans

After the hilarious staredown game, fans have expressed their feelings though X (formerly known as Twitter).

One user said, “His antics have grown on me. He’s probably a really likable guy off camera” Yeah you are right, he is actually a likable guy. That’s why Dillion Brook is liked among his teammates.

Another also expressed the same feeling: “Tell me why Brooks is growing on me.” We have the same feelings.

Fans are basically loving Dillion Brook’s pregame staredown, and we are here for it. Even the audience loved this activity during a serious match. It just gives them a hint of relaxation after a stressful feeling. What do you think about this pregame staredown?

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