May 22, 2024
a picture of josh giddey playing basket ball and a small picture of his alleged minor gf

The NBA community is currently buzzing with controversy surrounding Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey.  

An allegation of an improper relationship with an underage girl. The Newport Beach Police Department in California is actively investigating the claims, which originated from a now-deleted social media post.

In a news release, the Newport Beach Police stated that they are “actively seeking additional information related to these allegations and pursuing all leads and evidence to obtain the facts of the case.” Simultaneously, the NBA is conducting its own investigation into the matter.

Giddey, who recently turned 21, faces scrutiny on and off the court. Despite the ongoing investigations, he remains part of the OKC Thunder lineup. Coach Mark Daigneault categorizes it as a “personal matter” and refrains from making detailed comments on the allegations.

The complexities surrounding the age of consent laws add another layer to this case, with the minor involved being from California, where the age of consent is 18, while in Oklahoma, it’s 16.

People Claiming Josh Giddey Paid the Minor’s family to Shut their mouth

Amidst these developments, social media is filled with rumors. Some users claim that Giddey might have paid the family to keep quiet about the situation. 

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However, these rumors are not confirmed, and the family is currently unwilling to cooperate with authorities, presenting a significant challenge to establishing the facts of the case.

Even though the family have not confirmed anything, people are still trying to justify that Giddey has paid them to stop coming in front of media.

Josh Giddey refused to mention anything

Giddey himself has chosen to maintain a reserved stance on the matter. When questioned, he stated, “Yeah, I mean, I understand the question, obviously. But there’s no further comment right now.” His coach, Daigneault, echoed this sentiment, saying, “I’m not gonna comment on anything as it relates to Josh off the court.”

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So, what do you think about this matter? Did Giddey pay that minor’s family to shut their face? Or there something else is cooking? Let us know in the comment.

As this story unfolds, the NBA, law enforcement, and the public await concrete findings. The impact on Giddey’s career and the broader implications for the NBA remains uncertain as the controversy persists. Stay tuned for more updates on Josh Giddey’s alleged improper relationship and the ongoing investigations.
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