May 23, 2024
LeBron James

If you are an avid fan of basketball, you love the game, you passion it, and if you are a Lakers die-hard fan, then you must not avoid this incredible 60-foot shooting by King James. LeBron James, who is thought to be the NBA Goat, though he couldn’t equal Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s NBA championship records, showed his magic in shooting.

LeBron James forces OT against the Grizzlies and hits a 3/4 court shot, which was unimaginable. How smooth it was. He previously showed his prowess on court, proved his worth, and got another huge accolade for an eye-catching 60-footer. In this shooting, LeBron seemed to act without any pressure, put the ball into the basket without hesitation, and it was what King James got fans attention for one more time.

Exploring fans reactions to LeBron’s incredible shot

LeBron has a huge fan base as well as haters. A charismatic player like King James is supposed to have haters, but who cares? For LeBron, he doesn’t care about it at all, as he knows and believes in his worth.

Few players from NBA history could make this 60-footer. For his performance, he got remarked with “monster” and many more. LeBron’s final shot in the fourth quarter couldn’t make that much of a contribution, as it wasn’t counted. If that were to be counted, then ” it would’ve been one of the greatest sequences in NBA history had it counted” uttered by one die-hard fan.

The match after the 4th quarter got tied. Both teams scored 104 each. The match finally went in favor of the Lakers, and they won at last.

Another admirer emphasized, “the greatest driver of the basketball ever, ain’t nobody stopping LeBron”. One man didn’t forget to praise Anthony Davis. He added,” I love AD rejection on Ja More”. Another comment drew more attention, and it was, “Incredible shot! LeBron always knows how to get us on our feet”.

Comparing LeBron James 60-footer to Jerry West

Those who know the NBA and admire great shooters must have known the name Jerry West. The story was from 1970. One couldn’t imagine how marvelously Jerry West shot a 60-footer and sent the game to OT, A fan commented,” This is one of the many reasons why Jerry West in NBA’s logo”. The shot was just unimaginable.

LeBron is now playing for the Lakers, and Jerry, too, played for the Lakers. Under the guidance of West, the Lakers won four NBA championships in the 1980s. Both LeBron and West have unforgettable 60-footers. For these types of shots, players need to be extraordinary, as proved by Jerry and James.

Now it’s time for LeBron to show something special in the upcoming season. Leave us your thoughts on what you think about LeBron James 60-footer.

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