May 24, 2024
David Letterman vs Stephen Colbert

David Letterman vs Stephen Colbert

David Letterman returned home after eight years of absence. On Monday, the iconic talk show host was invited to CBS’ Late Show With Stephen Colbert, at Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater.

This was Letterman’s first appearance since exiting The Late Show, which he hosted since 1993. During the show on Monday, Colbert said as he introduced Letterman “Ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight certainly needs no introduction, Please welcome back to the Ed Sullivan Theater — Mr. David Letterman.”

After basking in enthusiastic applause at his entrance, Letterman sat down for a discussion with current host Stephen Colbert, the audience continued to cheer him, only to get louder and Letterman said, “Is there going to be trouble?”, as the comedian immersed in all the love from the audience, he asked Colbert to “control your people”. Implying in a sweet way that he was really surprised by all the cheering and affection from the people.

Stephen Colbert told Letterman that he performed more than 4,000 shows on “The Late Show” alone and that people called David Letterman ‘The Iron Man of Late Night’. Colbert continued asking Letterman, “What do you miss about it”, implying that Mr. Letterman had a long run with his shows, and whether he specifically missed something or anything in particular.

Letterman replied, “I miss everything. I mean mostly it’s fun. And very few things in life provide one the opportunity, and I can’t speak for you or to you on this topic. But for me, if you muck one up, 24 hours later you get to try again”. He continued: “Then when you do something you’re really proud of, you think ‘My god, let’s do that again!’ And six or seven years later you have that experience once more.”

Near the end of the interview, Letterman asked Colbert if he could snap a picture behind the notorious desk. The comedian moved to take his rightful place without hesitation. And Stephen Colbert snapped the picture on his phone. Ending the show with the sweetest memory for all its audience.

Best Host: David Letterman vs Stephen Colbert

Both David Letterman and Stephen Colbert are accomplished hosts with distinct styles. Letterman, a late-night legend, is known for his wit, irreverent humor, and iconic interviews. Colbert, on the other hand, brings sharp political satire and a charismatic persona to his show.

Letterman’s legacy spans decades, and his influence on the late-night landscape is significant, Colbert with his background is satire from ‘The Colbert Report’ and injects a unique political flavor into his hosting.

Choosing the ‘better’ host depends on the personal preference. If a person enjoys classic late-night humor and a laid-back approach, Letterman may be their preference. If a person appreciates a more politically charged and contemporary style, Colbert could be their favorite. Both have left lasting imprints on the genre, making the comparison subjective.

Share your thoughts regarding who you believe to be the superior host, David Letterman vs Stephen Colbert.

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