May 17, 2024
Lionel Messi

For many, witnessing the debut of the great Lionel Messi in Major League Soccer (MLS) was a dream come true. And indeed it was, for David Beckham who broke a tear with Victoria by his side after witnessing a much-needed free-kick masterclass from Leo Messi, the iconic debutant. 

Football In the United States MLS

The ‘football heritage’ has been ascribed to a few selected countries for several years. Countries like Brazil, Italy, Argentina, France and England are often regarded, in local parlance, as ‘football countries’. It is only fair to conclude that they earned this reputation because of their International and club-side football milestones.

In perspective, Brazil has won the world cup five times, Italy four times, and Argentina three times, while England and France have lifted the most prestigious trophy once and twice, respectively. Also, club-side football has grown and keeps growing incredibly in these countries. 

Once overshadowed, football/soccer in the United States is now rising to claim the recognition it deserves, mirroring the passion in football powerhouses like Brazil, Italy, England, and Argentina.

The MLS has stepped up its game recently, fueling the transformation of the United States into a bona fide ‘football nation.’ Inter Miami, co-owned by the iconic David Beckham, stands tall among these champions as one of the leading forces propelling the MLS to new heights.

Messi Makes History With His Incredible Debut Goal

In June 2023, ‘football’ arrived the United States; the moment football fans had been yearning for finally arrived when Lionel Messi inked a deal with Inter Miami. Anticipation peaked as he stepped onto the MLS stage, debuting against Cruz Azul on Friday, 21st July.

At 36 years old and a remarkable 7-time Ballon D’or winner, Messi showcased a mesmerising free-kick masterclass that left spectators in awe. Indeed, Messi’s greatness transcends various sports and fields of life as several iconic individuals like the Beckhams, Lebron James, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, Kun Aguero, and others applauded the display of the maestro’s talent.

In a thrilling match that had remained deadlocked until the 94th minute, Messi’s brilliance shone through, aiding Inter Miami to secure a hard-fought victory against Cruz Azul. His free-kick proved to be the game-changer, swinging the outcome in favour of the home team.

As the crowd erupted with joy, one man’s emotions were impossible to contain. Once renowned for his free-kick expertise, David Beckham couldn’t hold back tears witnessing Messi’s outstanding performance. That night, the scene spoke volumes about Messi’s sheer impact and magic on Inter Miami’s field. At that moment, it also dawned on Beckham where they had started the football/soccer journey in the MLS and how far they had gone.

Ultimately, the free-kick not only sealed a win for Inter Miami but also ignited the flame of admiration and nostalgia, reminding everyone why Messi’s arrival was a momentous occasion for the club and MLS.

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