May 24, 2024
Ghetto Kids

Ghetto Kids

It is going to make history, which started back in 2014 with Dauda Kavuma. He gathered the slum kids, who are from Katwe slums in Kampala, Uganda. Who knew these unprivileged kids would come up to the final of Britain’s Got Talent?

Things don’t remain the same. People are born in different areas of the world with different talents; some can express their talents, and some remain hidden forever. We, the people, are responsible for these unpredicted kids talents not being shown at the end. These ghetto kids’ eye-catching performances have already mesmerized the whole world with their dance moves and dashing personalities.

Who are the Ghetto kids actually?

The Ghetto kids are those children from Uganda recognized as street kids. Their suffering is undescribable. These kids hadn’t been able to go to school and were far away from the civilized world. Basically, TGK (Triplets Ghetto Kids) is an NGO with the mission to use music, dance, and drama to help these poor kids and give support.

Dauda Kavuma is the brave person who brings the talents of these kids to another level. Dauda Kavuma is the guardian-turned-manager of these kids. He is the person supposed to take care of these children.

What is the future of these Ghetto kids?

These kids have already proven their latent talents in front of the world. Back to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the performance of these little talents caught the eye of the audience. They have become internet sensations and well-known faces.

This big-hearted man, Dauda Kavuma, had a dream to support the street kids as much as possible. He dreams of building a bigger house so that the kids can live in more space and get the little comfort they want.

Kavuma says, “Most people thought street kids… had no value in society, but I thought otherwise.” He also started his life as a street kid, and now he understands the pain of being a street kid. Akram Muyana (a performer for Ghetto Kids) added, “Whenever I dance, I feel so happy, and my stress goes away. I started going to churches to dance to get money to give my mother for her to buy me clothes and food.”

A kid their age has to think about earning money and all their other belongings, which is really pathetic. Already, the Ghetto Kids have proven what they can do. Supporters are wishing them to become champions in the final round.

Leave your thoughts about Ghetto kids and other street kids sufferings. How do you think they should be treated?

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