May 23, 2024
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Riccardo has been one of the most highly regarded drivers in sport for his mature driving style which mimics those a world champion and his braking, he waits until the very last millisecond to brake which gained him the title of “King of the late brakers” after displaying this characteristic during several races.

The Australian debuted in 2011 with HRT soon moved to the red bull sister team formerly toro Rosso. Riccardo was pushed up to the Red Bull team in 2014 alongside mark Webber since then he has become one of the most popular drivers on the grid.

Daniel Riccardo’ career

Dani has shown glimpses of sheer brilliance in his formula 1 career notably the 2018 Monaco win , the pass on Bottas in the 2018 China and 2021 putting McLaren on top in Italy and out qualified his team mate Ocon every race except on two occasions under the Renault F1 team.

There’s no shortage of talent in the Australian and his overtakes are a treat to watch. 

The 2021 and 2022 season with McLaren weren’t his career highlights and he couldn’t perform well with the team except the aforementioned Italy win as the McLaren car didn’t suit his driving 

Memorable celebration

It’s gonna super exciting to watch Riccardo back on the grid with his charm and ever famous “shoey” celebration where he sips champagne from his shoe on the podium it’s gross but yet infectious and surely a spectacle to watch.

Joining Alfa Tauri

Riccardo joining Alfa Tauri has been very well received by fans and surely has been anticipated by his fans. He will be joining Yuki and will be the more experienced driver of the duo. Yuki entered the sport in 2021 but still I feel he is a little rough around the edges and Riccardo would be a great influence with his years of experience.

It would be fun to watch these to compete each other in two very different stages of their career. These two have a very entertaining dynamic with them previously competing in jet ski races and funny moments like Daniel throwing Yuki from a boat. I feel they might just become the new fun duo in the paddock


As I viewer and a Ricardo fan I hope to see him bag many podiums or even wins for the team and I hope he breaks his McLaren spell and lighting up the paddock with his smile and funny and jokey personality 

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