Damian Lillard once expressed pride in who he is: “I stood tall, I’ve stood tall in every situation and I want to be remembered for that” requests trade to NBA Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is the NBA star who played 11 seasons for Portland Trail Blazers. He always put in hard work and tried to show good performances throughout the season. Fans of Blazers were shocked to hear the news that this time he requested a trade.

According to some sources, it was emphasized that he wishes to move to Miami Heat. Miami Heat is the champion in NBA Eastern Conference. Heat beat Boston Celtics in game 7 and snatched the championship in the conference.

Which other teams have shown interest in Damian Lillard?

Brooklyn Nets is the next preference of Damian Lillard. As a hardworking man who tries to show what he has through his performance, he can be suitable for any team he wishes to join. Fans of Damian Lillard seemed excited to hear the names of other teams that showed interest in him.

It was reportedly said that the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers also wanted Damian Lillard in their teams. Time will tell which team this NBA star’s luck takes him to. Critics are wondering whether the Blazers will think and work to make the move for Damian Lillard.

Portland Trail Blazers GM Joe Cronin gives a statement on Damian Lillard’s trade request

GM Joe Cronin clearly expressed the team’s wish for Damian Lillard. It is obvious that the team needs him. The performance he showed for the team was very necessary. Blazers always had a dream to become champions, though they couldn’t make it as expected.

GM Joe Cronin added,”We have been clear that we want Dame here but he notified us today he wants out and he’d prefer to play someplace else. What has not changed for us is that we’re committed to winning, and we are going to do what’s best for the team in pursuit of that goal.”

Damian Lillard’s stats for the Portland Trail Blazers

In the 2022–2023 season with Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard has scored an average of 32.2 points. He has 4.8 rebounds and 7.3 assists in 36.3 minutes of play. This Blazers star seemed unhappy with the team’s success.

In his tenure with the Blazers, he just saw that the team has made only four playoff appearances in his 11 seasons. It might be that he was not satisfied with the overall performance. He just got the taste of only playing once for the conference’s finals.

What did Damian Lillard say in his interview with Evan Turner?

Damian Lillard’s career stats are quite good. He is the man who plays for what his worth is. Fans and admirers always give bravo to his performances. He is thought to be someone who is energetic, vigorous, and arduous in nature.

His interview with Evan Turner came as a surprise. He added,”I would say I want to be remembered for who I was, not as a player, but the principle that I stood on regardless of how successful I was, how major the failure was, the criticism, what people thought I should have did, what people think of me … no matter what was happening, I want to be remembered for who I was,I stood tall. I’ve stood tall in every situation and I want to be remembered for that.”

Portland Trail Blazers will seek something that will suit their goals; on the other hand, Damian Lillard will also look for the championship that he always wanted and deserved.

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