May 22, 2024
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo always inspires people with his amazing fitness. There are some people who always criticise him. He gives them feedback through his work and never speaks on it. In December of 2022, when he decided to change his football team, everyone thought that his career would end.

But no one ever thinks that at 38, he still has the magic that everyone will notice. At Al-Nassr, he encouraged his teammates to stay fit.

Al Nassr nutritionist Jose Blesa on Cristiano Ronaldo

“Al-Nassr players now have less fat and more muscles” – Jose Blesa, the Saudi Giants’ nutritionist, commented on Cristiano Ronaldo’s enormous influence on his team. This statement grabbed all the media attention at the Saudi Pro League.

People witness how he maintains his regular workout resume. Because of that, he consistently showcases his consistent performance everywhere. According to the medical reports, his body looks like it’s 20 years old.

His biggest secret is he never takes a break from his fitness workout. “Since Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the club, all the players have trained more intensely and followed a stricter diet,” nutritionist Jose Blesa said.

According to Jose, his team players now do what he does. CR7 adjusted his earlier diet to Mediterranean cosines. It’s noticeable that he avoids white meat, fried things, and sweets especially.

Because of his strict diet and his performance on the ground, all his teammates now try to follow his routine. From the moment he joined the club, his performance showed why he is considered the number one player.

The soccer world has already witnessed how the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) achieved everything through his hard work. There are two types of players: those who are God-gifted and those who are hard-working. Lionel Messi falls into the God-gifted category, while Ronaldo falls into the hard-working category. Ronaldo takes pride in his hard work.

Recently he scored five goals for Portugal’s National team. At Al-Nassr, he helped to score 18 goals. That showed how good he is as a team player!

In the league table Al -Al-Nassr is in 3rd position. All those viewers who follow the Saudi League think that this time his team can change the scenario, because of their fitness and team performance.

Please share your thoughts on how Cristiano Ronaldo’s influence has positively impacted the health of Al-Nassr’s players.

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