Cowboys’ RB Ronald Jones suspended 2 games due to PEDs

Ronald Jones

The NFL recently announced that it had disciplined Dallas Cowboys running back Ronald Jones for breaking the league’s PED policy. Jones will therefore be out for two games. This PED policy is outlined so that players don’t follow illegal ways and take unfair measures. Ingestion of steroids, stimulants, and growth hormones changes the physical stamina of the players as well as makes them different from normal players.

Performance-enhancing drugs were found in both college and high school football. The players use this to perform better and keep up stamina for longer than usual.

Cowboys’ RB Ronald Jones two-game suspension for PEDs came as shock  

Ronald Jones, a talented running back for the Dallas Cowboys, was embroiled in controversy when he tested positive for PEDs during a routine drug test. The NFL has stringent anti-doping measures to ensure a level playing field, and any player caught using PEDs faces disciplinary action, including suspension.

Jones, a 25-year-old athlete who joined Dallas as a free agent in March, took to Twitter to address his current situation. In a heartfelt tweet, he vehemently denied any knowledge of taking banned substances, stating he “never knowingly” indulged in such activities. Professing his unwavering love for the game, Jones vowed to never tarnish it by cheating. He expressed his commitment to thoroughly investigate the matter, ensuring it never reoccurs in the future.

“My passion for this game runs deep, and I would never compromise its integrity by resorting to deceitful means,” declared Jones. “I want to clarify that I had no intention of knowingly taking any banned substance. Rest assured, I will collaborate closely with my team to delve into the circumstances surrounding this incident, leaving no stone unturned to prevent any such mishaps in the future.” 

The good news is that Jones will become eligible to return to the field in Week 3 as the Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals.

According to a Twitter comment, it was found that Jones has claimed he is not on steroids. He claimed it boldly. He further added that it’s a heart medicine he’s been prescribed.

More information on PED and its effects on players

NFL players may utilize PEDs to improve their effectiveness on the field. They’ll get an unfair edge over rivals, which will bias the competition and jeopardize the game’s fairness. PED use can negatively affect one’s health, including hormonal problems, organ damage, and mental disorders.

The NFL rigorously forbids using PEDs, just like other professional sports leagues do, because of the unfair advantage they give users and the significant health hazards they pose.

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