May 17, 2024

Cillian Murphy just secured his first Oscar nomination for best leading actor.The 48 years old Irish actor scored a nod for his outstanding portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer .

The ‘Oppenheimer’ star shared his feeling in a phone interview on Tuesday , “It’s very, very humbling .I’m kind of a little in shock.”

Oppenheimer : Oscar Nominations

Oppenheimer is a biopic of American theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer who played a significant role in developing atomic weapons . He is also known as  the ‘Father of Atomic Bomb’. The film is directed by famous filmmaker Christopher Nolan . The film released on 21 July ,2023 quickly became sensation , praised by fans and critics . The film earned over $950 million at the worldwide box office.

The nominations for the 96th Academy Awards are out . Oppenheimer landed a leading 13 nominations from the 96th Academy Awards . The film earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Director (Christopher Nolan), Best Actor (Cillian Murphy),Best Supporting Actor (Robert Downey Jr), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Emily Blunt), Production Design, Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing,  Sound and Adapted Screenplay, Original Score, Hair & Makeup.

Cillian Murphy’s Reaction

Cillian Murphy is praised by fans , critics all over the world for his performance in Oppenheimer . The role has earned him best actor in a drama in the recent Golden Globes Awards . He was also nominated for best actor in Critics’  Choice Movie Award 2024 , BAFTA Award 2024 and many more . The Irish actor  expressed,

“I feel really privileged and I feel really lucky to be in a film that’s connected with people in a way that it has critically and commercially,” he said. “To be in a film that people have seen three and four and five times and they come up to you and tell you that…”

Murphy is also famous for the TV series ‘Peaky Blinders’ , a British period crime drama ,set in Birmingham. He has also played roles in films like Inception , Dunkirk , Batman Begins , 28 Days Later , The Dark Knight etc .

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