May 17, 2024

Chris Paul

What if the daughter of anyone repeatedly gets taunted by the people surrounding her, questioning her father’s worth? The story is really pathetic. Chris Paul’s daughter is obviously now mature enough, but it is unlucky that she is getting taunted as his father couldn’t make any championship wins.

The fact is, if anyone thinks Chris Paul is finished, then it will be a mistake. He has not come to an end yet. Still, he has chances to show his spark. Time will tell everything.

What is really happening with Chris Paul?

If anyone talks about point guard, then he should mention the name Chris Paul, who is definitely good in his worth. Recently, Paul was reportedly thinking he would be waived by the Suns, though some sources confirmed that he has not been waived. Well, it might be like the Suns will go for a trade, and it’s Paul who will decide where he will settle down next.

Paul is so good in his worth in Phonix Suns. He has proved it. But when it comes to the playoffs, his luck doesn’t support him. This unlucky thing made him feel bad, as Point God was without a championship at the end. Further, it is undeniable that if talks arise about the best point guard, Chris Paul will follow Steve Nash then.

Did height matter to Chris Paul?

Height is just nothing to Chris Paul. The point guard started his journey with the Suns franchise in 2020. Paul is now 38 years old. The conversation and the decision will absolutely depend on Chris himself as to whether, after waving, he will solemnly want to stay at the Suns or not.

Chris, as a point guard, though comparatively shorter than the average height of NBA players, didn’t seem to matter to his playing. As a point guard, he uses his own style to rush the ball away while the opponents make their countermoves. He keeps his constant unique steals and assists as they are.

Why Suns are waving Chris Paul?

Coming to the main point The Phoenix Suns need to cut their costs by a significant amount. They are doing exactly what they need, thus making Chris Paul a free agent. Lakers, on the other hand, will see to it, and they will grab the opportunity to get Chris to their franchise in just a short amount of time. Chris has previous connections with the Lakers. Possibility is in augmentation that if Paul becomes a free agent, he might join under the umbrella of the Lakers.

Leave us your thoughts on where you think this legendary point guard’s next destination would be.

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