May 23, 2024
Google Assistant Driving Mode

Google Assistant Driving Mode

Google once released a new google map feature called Google Assistant Driving Mode to help the users complete actions during their driving. The driver was able to talk, read, and send messages using that feature for navigation purposes during his driving. 

However, this useful feature is likely to be removed from Google maps in 2024 because of several bugs that most of the users found annoying. Therefore, Driving Mode is not meeting the expected customer satisfaction which made Google to think about the deactivation of the feature.

A user reported that whenever assistant driving mode is activated, every feature works well except Google Maps. Whenever any attempt to fix this issue takes place, either the regular version of Google Maps stays open, or the navigation mode stays active instead. So, the assistant does not work in driving mode, rather it works when driving mode is closed.

Another user asserted that Driving Mode does not turn off at all. Every time he starts his car, the assistant activates the driving mode and its always on display, but the user does not want it to keep it on display as it creates a hindrance for him to use other apps.

The problem is, whenever the user turns it off due to this issue, it actually automatically gets turned on.

Bluetooth or any sort of cable connection is likely to trigger the bugs of Driving Mode. For instance, a user reported that whenever an earbud is used, Driving Mode starts its abnormal on-off behavior. It stays active possessing the display screen preventing the user from using other apps peacefully.

Furthermore, when Driving Mode is active, it automatically disconnects the phone calls. It may sound like a good thing as it’s not recommended to speak on phones while driving, but the issue is that Driving Mode occurs this unintentionally, as a form of bug.

The audio apps can also consecutively turn themselves off and on when Driving Mode is activated. Adding to these, Google Assistant may consistently ask a user about what he wants.

The most critical issue for most of the users is, there is actually not a perfect way of turning this feature off once it’s activated. No matter what a user does to fix the issues, the bugs always come back. Thus, the Google Assistant Driving Mode kind of takes over the phone preventing the user to run other apps without any disruption.

To summarize, Google Assistant Driving Mode unfortunately came out as a severely buggy feature that hampers overall device performance, and the feature itself is with limited functionalities that is kind of impossible to fix and hence customers are not satisfied with the app, and neither are the developers of the app. For this, the mountain view-based company decided for the removal of this feature.

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