“Before Cristiano Ronaldo, before Lionel Messi, there was David Beckham”: Exploring ‘BECKHAM’ Documentary Series, Official Trailer by Netflix

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Netflix has recently dropped the trailer for the “BECKHAM” documentary on YouTube. David Beckham is a footballer known for his highly publicized life and his on-field play as well. Beckham previously finished his career with 718 appearances, 127,¬†and 214 assists.

The documentary “BECKHAM” will be released on October 4th, 2023, on Netflix. Let’s explore the trailer:

This will be a four-part documentary series by Netflix on David Beckham’s life and events.

The highly anticipated documentary series will trace the remarkable journey of the renowned midfielder. He has represented prestigious clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and the LA Galaxy. This captivating production will show his humble origins and his extraordinary ascent to becoming a worldwide football sensation.

Viewers can expect a wealth of exclusive content, including previously unreleased personal archive materials spanning four decades, unfiltered contemporary segments, and insightful interviews with individuals who have played pivotal roles in his life both on and off the football field.

The series will be a rollercoaster of emotions and will give you a surprising turn in every scene. Even though most of David Beckham’s life was in front of the public eye, he has some more treasures for this series.

young David Beckham for his upcoming series, smiling and giving interview.

In the documentary “Beckham,” the acclaimed director Fisher Stevens, who has won an Academy Award for his work in films like “Palmer,” “And We Go Green,” and “The Cove,” collaborates with the esteemed producer John Battsek, who owns both Academy and Emmy Awards for his contributions to projects like “One Day in September,” “Searching for Sugar Man,” and “Winter on Fire.”

This exceptional documentary shows viewers an unfiltered version of the lives of David Beckham, his wife Victoria, their family, close friends, and fellow teammates.

In the documentary, Beckham will talk about his unusual nightly cleaning routine, which he finds a bit strange. He also mentions that his wife Victoria may not fully understand why he does it.

Beckham, who is known for being very careful about things, shares one of his interesting habits. He says that before going to bed; he makes sure to clean all the candles very well, which bed;can be quite tiring.

He jokes, “I clean them very thoroughly, and I’m not sure my wife really appreciates it, to be honest.” Then he also talks about this while he’s in his kitchen, “Once everyone is in bed, I go around and clean the candles, adjust the lights just right, and make sure everything is tidy. I really don’t like coming downstairs in the morning and finding cups, plates, and bowls all over the place.”

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