Author: Santhana Mariam Chacko

Freelance Frontier

Navigating the Freelance Frontier: Building Your Career

Embarking on a freelancing career is akin to setting sail on a sea of opportunities….


Embracing Nature’s Variety: Biodiversity Matters

In the ever-changing dance of life on Earth, biodiversity takes center stage. It’s like a…

Happiness For Life

The Road to Success: Cultivating Happiness For a Fulfilling Life

What is the definition of success in life? Is happiness for life something you are…

Immunity Boosting Morning Drinks

Sip, Smile and Strengthen : Immunity Boosting Morning Drinks

Healthy eating can contribute to a healthy life. How about kick starting your day with…

Remote Work

Balancing Act: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Remote Work with Practical Solutions

The covid era has advertised a new work culture in the global society. Actually it’s…

Public Speaking

Public Speaking: Mastering the Beauty of Talking to a Crowd

Welcome to the captivating world of public speaking – an art that transcends mere words…

Career Transitions

Career Transitions: Switching to a new career

It’s never too late to switch your career (Career Transitions), if you are not happy,…