Author: Kazi Sakib Hasan

Student author with analytical mindset, critical philosophical depth and unique ideas. My interest revolves around computer science, neuroscience, healthcare, statistics and research. Hobby is to compose and listening to music.
Inflation Rate

World Country Ranking by Average Inflation Rate from 1980-2024

The World Bank published a dataset containing the annual average inflation rate for countries worldwide…

Suicide Rate

Male suicide rate is higher than the rate of female in 2023

World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a newer dataset consisting of the suicide rate in…


Listeners prefer melancholic songs: Spotify 2023 Statistics

An analysis of the top 953 most streamed songs of Spotify in 2023 informs that…


Measles disease is rising again

World Health Organizations (WHO) reported that Europe is experiencing an alarming rise in measles cases….


T-Test Simple Explanation: Hypothesis Testing using Python

Hypothesis testing, an important concept in quantitative research, statistics and data analysis. T-test (also known…


Two new pandemic warning in 2024: Disease X and the rise of ancient zombie virus

Some ancient viruses have been found in the Siberian permafrost that are capable of infecting…

Mental Trauma

Trauma researchers found that people remember negative events well than positive events

A recent study says that the post-trauma moments are more recallable than the pre-trauma events….

Artificial Intelligence

Psychology experts are being emphasized in technology sectors

After staying in a freezing state, the significance of Psychology and Neuroscience discipline is increasing…

Suicide Rate

People suffering from PTSD have smaller brain size

Recently, neuroscientists invented that people who have gone through traumatic events in the past that…

Suicide Rate

Your happiness can be the reason of your sadness

In recent times, a tendency of youth people‚Äôs increasing sadness along with happiness can be…