May 23, 2024
Ashley Olsen

The former film actor, who later established herself as a fashion businesswoman, is well-known in the world for her sophisticated and minimalist fashion sense. She has also been known for her love life, dating a number of guys.

Before dating her husband, Olsen had a rich dating history. Here is the complete history of Ashley Olsen’s relationship.

Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan: Twitter images

Ashley’s relationship with Matt Kaplan was the very first relationship of her life; they started dating in 2001 and ended the relationship in 2004 after dating for more than three years.

Scott Sartiano

scott Sartiano: Twitter images

After breaking up with Matt Kaplan, she started dating a nightclub owner, though their relationship could not last for more than one year. She started dating him in 2004 and split in 2005.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto: Twitter images

Ashley Olsen’s name was also linked with that of American film star Jared Leto after her heartbreak with Scott Sartiano.

Greg Chait

Creg Chait: Twitter images

In 2005, she started to hook up with Tsubi Jeans CEO Greg Chait; they dated for two years, as per some reports.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong: Twitter images

Lance Armstrong is a professional cyclist who started dating her in 2007. They were spotted together in several places. They met each other through friends and started dating.

Justin Barth

Justin Barth: Twitter images

Her relationship with Justin Barth went on to get more attention than her previous hook-up because many reports were claiming their engagement; they dated for about four years between 2007 and 2011.

David Schulte

David Schulte: Twitter images

She also dated artist David Schulte, the Oliver Peoples CEO, for only one year. We got to know about their relationship in 2013, but later that year they broke up due to several reasons.

Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller: Twitter images

Straight after her heartbreak with David Schult, she dated Bennett Miller in 2014, but they ended the relationship in 2016 after two years of togetherness.

There are some previous relationships between Ashley Olsen and other personalities; the former actor has also dated some other guys before Louis Eisner.

Ashley Olsen’s relationship with Louis Eisner (her husband)

After so many breakups, she finally found someone permanent when Ashley started dating Louis Eisner, an artist. They were spotted together in 2017 and till the date, and they are together as they got married in 2022 after five long years of dating. They were close friends before coming into a relationship.

They met each other through mutual friends from their school days. Today they are living a joyful life with their baby boy, who was born in August 2023. The couple is feeling very special as their first baby comes into this beautiful world. They have named their son ‘Otto’. 

Ashley Olsen with her husband: Twitter images

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