May 18, 2024
Stephen Curry

The heart of the Golden State Warriors, the best shooter who has shown prowess in shooting, and a legendary 3-pointer king—guess who? It’s none other than Stephen Curry. His magical and God-gifted hands made him a perfect shooter. The flexibility when scoring shows he is on another level.

The five minutes are now hyped and have created internet buzz. Fans were curious to know what the five minutes were for their favorite Dubs star. It’s a straight 5 minutes without a miss, and yes, it’s 3-pointers by Steph Curry without a miss. Can you imagine how this is possible? As for Curry, it’s nothing new, just a Curry show.

The 5-minute Curry show astounds the NBA world

There are few players in the NBA who can make perfect shooting as Stephen Curry does. If you are an expert in basketball or an avid fan of the game, then you must have noticed that Stephen Curry, when in the mood of shooting 3-pointers, doesn’t even think about it; rather, his brain is already ready to make the score.

Thus, his machine hands get the ball, make the shot, and get the score, which is really amazing. One can’t even imagine how capable the Warriors star is! The practice video shows that he is continuously scoring 3-pointers without a miss for 5 straight minutes.

The video is now surfacing on the internet. The clip was on X, formerly known as Twitter. Dub Nation is really proud to have this GOAT on their team. Players face problems when they go for successive shootings. If they don’t have that exact measurement in their hands, then their basketball bounces back from the ring.

For an accurate shoot, thorough practice and good sense are necessary. Sometimes some things are God-gifted, and here the shootings are something the Warriors star is blessed with.

Fans reactions to X (Twitter) on Curry’s 5 minutes straight

Stephen Curry’s fans are just making a storm in the comment section of Twitter. They are happy and couldn’t just curb their feelings after seeing this 5-minute straight video. One has expressed from the core of his mind that he thinks Curry is the GOAT when it comes to shooting.

Another fan reacted with a fire emoji, which means she believes Steph Curry is on fire. Yes, and obviously he is on fire. One drew huge attention, and it was “Is Curry even human?” When it comes to his shooting quality, one should acknowledge that he is really inhuman in this regard.

Another fan commented,” This is so motivating and inspirational and amazing.” To conclude, Stephen Curry is doing amazing things for Warriors. He has become a role model for youngsters.

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