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Anjikuni village

Anjikuni village

Before 1930, there was a snow-covered lake in the Kivalliq region of Canada. Its name was Anjikuni village. One day an inquisitive old jailer came here. Eskimo Inuit people flock here in search of freshwater fish. When he arrived, he felt the active presence of fish at the shallow bottom of the lake. Immediately he pitched his tent on one side of the lake. Next he lit a fire and collected the branches. He made a small house for himself with straw.

After staying here for some time in the cold climate of the frigid Konkan, he liked the area very much. He sent the news to the people of his tribe who were waiting. Everyone of the tribe had immense trust in him. As a result, everyone reached there in vain. Gradually built a cozy settlement of 2000 people. The newcomers named their new land Anjikuni Village after the lake.

Their favorite food was fish caught from fresh water lakes, delicious food made from it, and warm drinks of brewed wine. In this village, the traffic of pilgrims running around the area increased in the hospitality of Anjikunis. Hungry hunters also used to come here in the dark of night. In this way, the village gradually became known in two or four surrounding areas. Known as a scenic spot for leisure and entertainment.

On a blustery winter night in November 1930, a Canadian hunter stepped onto this crowded Anjikuni trail for a drink. This man named Joe Labelle had visited this village several times before. He also developed friendship with the family. As a result, after a long time, he will meet these simple people again, his eyes sparkled thinking that he will have a chat with a kiss of brewed wine. Ignoring the cold wind of empty winter, he went forward to the village with a cheerful mind.

The last time Labelle came here, he could hear people shouting from far away before entering the village. But this time is a little different. As soon as he stepped into the village, a strange silence surrounded him. There is a gloomy atmosphere all around. As if he had mistakenly moved to another village. But no! Everything he knew was clear here in the bright silver light of the full moon. Can’t see only familiar and beloved villagers.

He thought that maybe because the night was a little late, everyone was asleep. So he walked further into the village. Labelle came and stood in the middle of the village. There is no response here either. What kind of silence in everything! But that’s not supposed to happen. Where did they go? He walked towards the house of acquaintances thinking about seven or five. He started calling their names loudly.

Seeing no one coming out in response to his call, Labelle knocked on the door of a room. He pushed gently. He saw the door open from inside. Inside the house, there are random things like household items, clothes and other things used by the residents. He also saw half-cooked food in the oven. He wondered where everyone in this room might have gone. Then Labelle stepped into the water of another room. But no, there is the same thing! In this way, after examining most of the houses in the village, he encountered a strange situation.

Now a chilly fear ran down his spine and down to the ground. Realized that he is completely alone here at the moment! At that time, his body twisted with unknown fear. He immediately came out of the village quickly. After going some distance, he saw the telegraph of the security forces. He wrote the details of the incident and sent those to them. The next day a group of four hundred members reached there. Searched the entire area. But they did not see a single human being. But what they found shocked them.

The graves lined up on one side of the village are lying empty. Who took the dead bodies from the grave? Along the way, lay the half-dead frozen bodies of the villagers’, seven pet sled dogs. The dogs look like they’ve had a fierce fight with something terrible. On that day, the members of the police and intelligence agencies could not see anything of the incident here. Even the surrounding villagers do not know exactly what happened to the Anjikunis. However, they claim that a few days ago they saw a kind of blue light flashing in the sky of Anjikuni village.

Then, many days after the terrifying incident, members of the intelligence agencies released their report. There they said that Joe Labelle’s claims are fabricated and false. Joe Lebelle had never been to the village before, and the desolate place had never been inhabited. But the question is, if the information in the report is true, then on the day the security forces went there after hearing the description of Labelle, they also saw a deserted abandoned settlement, random daily necessities. They even found the barrel guns used by the Inuit. So whose are these? Who built a settlement in such a hostile environment and disappeared in an instant?

To this day, the mystery of the disappearance of the Anjikunis remains unsolved. The story behind this speculation is not known. Even after investigating, no one could find any corner of it. However, it is believed that they witnessed a supernatural event, the mystery of which is still unknown, and may remain unknown forever.

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