May 24, 2024
Andrea Petkovic

Andrea Petkovic, a famous former tennis icon, made comments about another tennis legend, Roger Federer, saying that Federer couldn’t win more than 17 grand slams. Her such comment broke the internet, and Federer fans took it offensive, and they also showed their massive ration on such speech.
What was his reason behind such an opinion?

Petkovic also said in his explanation that “That is a danger. If we put ourselves back in the shoes of 2009, when Roger Federer broke Pete Sampras’ number, If Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic hadn’t appeared on the tour, he would’ve stopped at 17 Grand Slam titles. A 100%. We would’ve never seen these numbers.”

Records of Roger Federer

Tennis rivalry is not new; we have seen so much rivalry among Grand Slam title winners. According to former number 9, tennis success also depends on rivalry, which may push someone forward to achieve more.

But Federer was undoubtedly the greatest player of his era. Federer, the former world number 1, won 11 unparalleled grand slams and 20 in total, which is now third compared to Novak Djokovic [23 grand slams] and Rafael Nadal [22 grand slams]. In his prime, this legendary tennis player had a record of 20-11 in the grand slam finale.

Djokovic vs. Federer produced some high voltage duel action in the race for the Grand Slam back in 2007, 2014, and 2015. In the open era, he won eight Grand Slams, which is the most by any male player. This legendary global tennis icon announced his retirement in 2022. Basically, the Djokovic era started after he dominated Federer in back two ATP finals in 2014 and 2015.

Records of Andrea Petkovic

On the contrary, Andrea Petkovic was ranked 9th in 2011in her prime time. She also played the US Open, the French Open, and the China Open. She was the national champion in Germany from 2007-2009. Sge won her first WTA Premier singles title in 2014.

This former women’s tennis sensation retired in 2021. This former German tennis sensation has seven WTA Tour singles titles as well as nine ITF singles and three ITF duel titles. She finished second in the 2011 China Open and was a semifinalist in the 2014 French Open. She also played in the quarterfinals of the 2011 Australian Open and the US Open.

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