May 17, 2024

“The Only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing,” were the exact same words by Alexei Navanly when asked what his message would be for the people if he was killed. The 47 years old Russian anti-corruption activist, lawyer and Russian opposition leader died in prison on 16 February , 2024. Navalny died in prison while serving a 19-year sentence. Many facts about his death are still undiscovered. But it is known that in the final days of his confinement, he was moved to a remote penal colony and put in solitary confinement at the IK-3 Arctic prison.

Navalny Vs Putin

Navalny was one of the leading opposing figures of Putin. He was at the forefront of the anti-corruption movement in Russia .He was arrested, jailed and even corrupted during his lifetime. He started out writing political commentary online against the Putin administration. He launched the whistleblowing website ‘RosPil’ in December 2010. The website highlighted instances where it seemed like state contracts were given out in an unethical manner. The epithet “party of crooks and thieves,” which Navalny later used to characterise Putin‘s United Russia party, swiftly gained traction in Russian protests.

During his fight against the ruling government in Russia, he took a number of steps including organising protests , running for the Mayor of Moscow and even running for 2017 presidential election .It was not an easy path . He was held back at every step . He was arrested multiple times for protesting. He was also convicted two times for fraud and embezzlement. One of the convictions got him banned from the 2017 presidential election.

And there were constant attacks. In 2019 , he was poisoned in jail and in 2020 , there was another attempt to kill him. He fell quite sick on August 20, 2020, while travelling from Tomsk to Moscow. Subsequent tests revealed that he had been exposed to a novichok, a sophisticated nerve poison created by the Soviet Union. His family had him flown to Berlin out of fear for his safety at a Russian hospital ,where he was kept in a medically induced coma to recover. After recovery, he returned to Russia in 2021 though he was immediately arrested by security service. His return to Russia was a direct shot to Putin. Russia faced some of the biggest protests ever . The protests even spread to rural areas .

During his confinement , he never lost his resilience. “If they decide to kill me, it means that we are incredibly strong,” the Kremlin critic stated in Daniel Rohr’s documentary Navalny. Though Western leaders openly accused ‘Russia is responsible’ for the death of Navalny, the Kremlin denied all accusations. Navalny’s death is a major setback for the Russian opposition movement.

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