A two-year contract with Jaxson Hayes, the Lakers’ decision to sign with the Center, revelation of prior assaults

Jaxson Hayes

A two-year deal is made by the Lakers. Jaxson Hayes, who previously played for the New Orleans Pelicans, has agreed to sign a contract with the Lakers. According to several sources, the contract has been confirmed. The center was accused of domestic violence and sued in 2022. His ex-girlfriend brought accusations of physical abuse. It’s time for the Lakers to see how this center performs for the team.

Anthony Davis is the player for the Lakers who plays at the center and power forward positions. Anthony Davis has several times shown his worth for the Lakers. Jaxson Hayes is thought to be playing as a backup center.

What is the agreement Lakers made with Jaxson Hayes?

2023 NBA Free Agency has become the talk of the town. Like other teams, Lakers also focus on signing players for the team. Saturday morning was the time Lakers made the deal with Jaxson Hayes, and the matter has been confirmed to the Southern California News Group. Lakers fans got excited after the news went viral.

People got curious about the deal. Eventually, it became clear that the Lakers were making the deal by giving the 6-foot-11-inch star a player option.

That means the second year will be a player option for Jaxson Hayes. He will again become a free agent. He will again be traded the next offseason, when it might seem like his transfer and new deal would create another big surprise in the future.

Jaxson Hayes stats with the New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans drafted him as the No. 8 pick in 2019. This Pelicans star has averaged 7.5 points from 2019 to 2023. He has played in 241 games overall with the Pelicans. He has 4 rebounds and 16.8 minutes in his stats.

Hayes was really excited as he was picked as a lottery pick back in 2019. He was so happy that he couldn’t express his feelings. He said that he played for the high school team, and it’s a great opportunity that he will be playing for the Pelicans.

Physical assault allegations brought against Jaxson Hayes

Fans of Pelicans have seen something that was not expected from the Pelicans star. In 2022, the ex-girlfriend of Jaxon Hayes sued him for domestic violence. Though it can be taken as common that NBA stars have previously been accused of domestic violence,

Sofia Jamora, his ex-girlfriend, accused him of the assault. She said that they booked a room in the hotel. Jaxson had an NBA match. He got back from the game, and Sofia saw something terrible she was going to have. Jaxson hit her with the suitcase and didn’t let the girl friend leave the room.

What is the future of Jaxson Hayes in Lakers?

As Hayes is going to play behind Lakers Anthony Davis, fans are excited for that. Time will tell next season what he can show and bring to the team. Anthony Davis joined the Lakers’ franchise after playing for New Orleans Pelicans.

Anthony Davis has averaged 25.9 points in the 2022–2023 season. This Lakers star has 12.5 rebounds and played 34 minutes for the Lakers last season.

Time will tell how well or poorly Jaxson Hyes will perform for the team. Fans are eagerly waiting to see his performance for the team.

Leave us your thoughts about what Jaxson Hayes can bring to the team in his two-year contract.

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